All you should know about creating and inserting a signature in Outlook for Mac

Even if you are not an Outlook user, it is not possible that you have not heard anything about this world-famous mail service. In the current article, I am going to define what Microsoft Outlook and explain how it begins, so you understand the issue in the best way possible. Well, it is possible to define Microsoft Outlook as an email client that is a very important part of the Microsoft Office suite of products. For many people, his email client was designed with the main goal of letting users send and receive email messages.

Nevertheless, that is not actually true. If you are wondering why I say this, I will tell you it. Microsoft Outlook was also created with the purposes of operating as a personal information manager and as a conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server for scheduling. Apart from this, it provides users with features such as calendars, management tasks, contact folders, to-do lists, the ability to creating signatures, and more. In the case of the latter one, we are going to develop some aspects about this subject.

How can I create and insert a signature in my email account?

Signatures have the option of containing images, texts, and links. For instance, you have the option of creating firm for your business email address including your name, phone number, company logo, among other.

Apart from that, you should know that the combination of all those aspects is known as a firm block. It is also important to mention that you have the option of adding manually to a specific message and having a sign automatically added to all your email messages.

How to create an email signature?

Frist of all, look for the Outlook menu, tap the Preferences option, and select the Signatures button. Tap the Add button, select Untitled, and enter a name for your firm. After doing so, you are required to enter the text that you are interested in including in your firm. Close the Signature page and look for the Format option in order to choose the type of format you want to include in the sign name, including font color, font size, font style, and so on.

To continue with the instructions, you are allowed to add a hyperlink. To do so, you are required to locate the cursor where you need to add the hyperlink, and then select the Hyperlink option.

How to add logos, pictures, and art to a signature?

As with the preceding instructions, find the Outlook menu and look for the Preferences option, and then select the Signatures option. Later, you have to create a new signature or choose another one from the whole list. After doing so, you have to drag a picture from a file to the position where you need it to include in your signature. At this point, it is very important for you to know that you have to edit the picture to size ahead of time. You are required to do it before dragging the image to the Sign box.

Now after that, you also have the option of copying and pasting a picture into the sign name. Now you are required to close the Signature page. If you followed the above steps correctly, you are ready to use your new signature.

How to add a signature to a message?

Firstly, you are required to select the body of the message in which you need to include a firm. Then, look for the Message tab and select the signature you want to add in the message.

How to add a signature to all your messages?

If you are interested in setting a signature for all your email messages, you have the option of doing it without any problem. Look for the Outlook menu and tap Preferences. Later, find the Signature option and select it. Keep in mind that you are required to select the email account for which you want to set the firm. Finally, your firm has been included in all your messages.