Everything You Need To Know About Hotmail EMail Login

Hotmail email login, one of the oldest email clients in internet history was Microsoft MSN Hotmail. The service has been on offer since 1997 and is responsible for greatly popularizing the entire email genre. Hotmail had an extensive feature list that is the primary reason behind why the platform had a competitive advantage. Having a Hotmail account means that you could do some things, people used to think it was all about chatting.

Sadly, however, the inception of Gmail had a significant impact on the popularity of Hotmail E-mail Logins. People were starting to tire of Hotmail because of the complex user interface in place. Gmail with its simplistic and minimalist features and design was beginning to capture much of Hotmail’s market share.

With their UI and interface issues in mind. Hotmail was cut and out came the new outlook. The outlook is Microsoft’s state of the art email platform and completely revamps Hotmail. Outlook has a new them that completely reinvents the entire Hotmail experience. The new options to manage your files allow you to create an incredibly flexible email client that caters to all your needs. Furthermore, it effectively links all your Microsoft devices very quickly.

2013 was the year in which outlook officially took Hotmail place.  If you were among me the older generation you probably already have a Hotmail account. You can continue to use it, but instead of the tradition Hotmail settings, it now takes you to outlook. Those of you who are new to the party may have to settle with domain names. The domain name isn’t available anymore. However, in the case of an existing account, you can continue to use your old domain name without worry.

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How To Access An Old Hotmail Account

If you have a Hotmail account sitting in the corner collecting dust, it is highly likely to assume that you don’t remember the password either. Which may render the old account inaccessible but no need to worry Microsoft offers a myriad of solutions.

The most basic thing you can do is click on the forgot password tab on the Hotmail Email Login page. Clicking on the tab on the will ask you to verify your email. Once you have confirmed your email, you can attempt to answer the security questions. Answering the security questions correctly will take you to the password change page. Here you can easily reset your password and get your account back.

If however, you have forgotten the security question things become slightly more complicated. Human memory has a habit of letting you down when you most need to remember something. There’s no need to worry though, as you can get help from Microsoft’s account recovery form. The account recovery form helps to ensure that only you will gain access to your account.

For the Hotmail account recovery form to work, it is essential that you enable two-step verification if you haven’t done that recovering your Hotmail account becomes much harder. Two-step verification allows you to set up an alternate recovery email, if you’ve got one set up already you can recover the other account in minutes. The Hotmail server will send you a mail allowing you to reset password instructions on your alternate email.

How To Fill Out The Account Recovery Form

The Account Recovery Form is on the Hotmail Email Login page. Once you upon the account recovery form filling it is a simple task. You’ll have to enter the email address; phone number or user name of the account you’re trying to regain access too. The next step will ask you to provide Microsoft with an email. This email account is where Microsoft will send you the password reset instructions. The last step in the process is verifying the captcha to prove you’re not a robot.  After that Microsoft should send you a password recovery email on the alternate account within the next 24 hours.

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How To Check Hotmail Login History?

If you don’t open Hotmail more often or if you’re feeling as if someone else is trying to get into your account, you can check your login history. To check your login history log on to your email account and go to the inbox tab.

On the top right corner of the screen, you will see your Username, click on your username and select the Account settings tab. After opening the account settings just click on the check recent activity link, outlook will ask you to verify your password for security purposes.

After confirming your password, you’ll get access to your recent log-in history. Clicking on a specific attempt will also give you all the details you need. So you can confirm whether someone else has been trying to access your account.

How To Create A New Hotmail Account

Creating a new Hotmail Email Login isn’t possible anymore as outlook has taken Hotmail’s place. You can create an outlook account in mere minutes, however. Merely visit the outlook sign up page and proceed to click on create Free account.

Clicking here will take you to the account creating page. The create account page will be in the shape of a form asking you to fill in personal details. The first step is picking out your email address. The new outlook email allows you to pick from three domain names. You can choose the classic or, and you can also go with the new

The next step is selecting a valid password and then just enter the captcha image to create your account successfully.

Should I Create An Outlook Account Instead?

Creating an outlook account will offer no massive differences. Hotmail has been effectively replaced by outlook and users that had old Hotmail accounts were automatically shifted to the new outlook experience.

Choosing a different domain name will not create a different experience for you; you’ll get the same features as someone with an outlook account will get regardless of your domain name.

Outlook is the second coming of Hotmail. Its inception was necessary to continue competing with Gmail. With Outlook it finally feels like Microsoft isn’t lagging as much.

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