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Everything you need to know about sharing your calendar in Outlook

First of all, I think it is important for you to understand what Outlook is, how it works, and how it begins in order to understand the current article in a very easy way. Hotmail can be defined as a free email service. During the nineties, Hotmail was founded by Jack Smith and SaaberBathia. Some years later, it was sold to Microsoft Corporation and renamed as For many people, Outlook and Hotmail are not the same, but it is not true. Hotmail is simply a modern version of Hotmail.

In those times, Hotmail provided users with some interesting features such as spam filters, virus scanning, a schedule calendar, and so on. Nowadays, Outlook offers users with contacts, management tasks, a program, among others. In the current article, I am going to explain how to share your list in

What did I need to know about sharing my calendar in

If you are interested in sharing your calendar with other users, they have the ability to add it to their own calendar in their email accounts. Even you can let them edit your calendar, so they will be allowed to view and make changes to it without any problem. If your program has trouble syncing in your email account on Windows or you are not allowed to make changes to it, you have to sign in to any of your Microsoft accounts, such as Hotmail, or MSN account.

How to share my calendar?

Frist of all, you have to look for the App Launcher option and tap it. Then, look for Calendar and tap it too. Now, you have to find the Share option and click on the time you are interested in sharing. You have to take into account that your first option will be called Calendar. If you have created a new list, you have the ability to choose it with the goal of sharing with other users. Apart from this, keep in mind that you have not the possibility to share a calendar from another user.

After following the preceding instructions, you have to type the name or email belonging to those users with whom you are interested in sharing your program. After doing so, you have to select how these people will use your list. For instance, if you select the Can view when I´m a busy option, these users have the ability to check when you are busy. At the same time, this option does not let them know other private details about it. If you choose the Can edit option, they have the ability to make changes to your program.

After carefully reading and following these instructions, you have to tap the Share option. However, you can change your mind at any time at these instructions. If this is the case, you can tap the Remove option and your time will not be shared.

Changing calendar sharing permissions

Firstly, you have to look for the App Launcher option and tap Sharing permissions. After doing so, look for the user whose permissions you are interested in changing and select other ones.