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MSN Hotmail…Gone with the wind!

Before you start reading, you should know that this is the whole article about once a legendary emailing service called, “msn Hotmail”. I will be going through a mix of storytelling as well as somewhat of a technical explanation for this platform. Being an avid user, I believe my words can have that intensity that some people desire to see.

What actually caused the Microsoft to devour Hotmail? We will never know. It may have been the bankruptcy of the original founding company or it may have dozens of other reason. One thing is certain though! Microsoft has now officially replaced the msn Hotmail. Don’t believe yet? Type the and see what opens up. As an avid user of this platform, I feel as if a wave of nostalgia has been silenced, replaced with grief and somewhat a disheartening effect. But who knows…perhaps it was for the best.

I was a Hotmail user for a very long time and I empathize with you. In fact, the reason why you are reading this article is that you wanted to have information about this platform. You have come to the right place. I will be also telling you a whole lot of other things which will definitely get through you.


A bit of Nostalgia…

I still remember as if it was yesterday. Just kidding! It was, in fact, a long time ago. But the good old nineties were there. It was probably the time of 1998 when I first ever logged into my new account of Hotmail. Internet wasn’t really a big trend. Heck, facebook was even missing…you can guess how popular was the internet at that time. And yet…no one knew that Hotmail would gain that level of popularity. Nobody could have predicted that email service would one day become a primary method of communication. And look at today. We all rely on emails, one way or another. It is without a doubt one of the most effective methods of communication today. Funny thing is…I still remember my granny saying that this email service lacks soul as to speak. She wasn’t wrong though. What could replace the phone call service along with the personal touch of fax? Well, the email service took over.

One of the most interesting and downright humorous aspects of email was that nobody wanted to give it much thought. I in fact pity the poor souls who had chosen some of the most ridiculous names at first, only to regret their choice later since emailing became one of the most effective communication methods. The only thing that it lacked was the playing in the market and trends with users, unlike Microsoft which is such a big game player.

As much as it was revered like the emailing god, the Hotmail was soon put out of worship. It still saddens me to see it finally gone but hey! At least the new emailing service is trendy and up to the date. One of the main reasons why I personally feel Mail went out of fashion was because of its lack of following trends. For users like me who are satisfied on a similar same old boring email window, asking us to still log in, this didn’t matter much. Unfortunately, the majority of the world doesn’t work that way. People demand new things constantly. Microsoft knows that very well. If only Hotmail had known it, it would be still around…answering my emails.

That is what happened folks. The Hotmail didn’t follow trends. It didn’t change much and fell out of everyone’s preferred list sooner than we may have thought. What made the matters worse were those spam folders. One can never have enough of those. When your genuine emails are mixed with an email from an unknown one, telling you to have some unrecognized family living in some remote corners of the world, ready to hand you tons of gold for free, you will want to stop using such email service.

I must admit one thing. Now that we are on aboard this nostalgia thing, I gotta tell you that I used to salivate for those Gmail accounts. Using Hotmail had its own charm, very similar to using a hard and colorless Nokia phone when people around are blackberry users. Sooner or later you find yourself wanting that.

And what made people like me, Hotmailians I should call them…different than the modern types? Laziness and not following the trends, preferring instead our own orthodox ways! And I gotta tell you…this is not good for business or marketing trends.

Now coming to the tale of downfall… We all know that Microsoft is one of the most advanced platforms, coping with users demands on a daily basis. This is one of the reasons why this devilry cast a dark curse over the lazy Mail. Now it has killed it and finally taken over its soul. I still have at end of my email address and God knows how weird it is to log into And well…it has its own charms. Outlook is preferably better if you like upgrades and wish for more organized emailing services.

In the end, what remains is my memory of coming to my home on hot summers, sitting under the cooling fan and checking my emails on my Pentium three. Those days are gone now…just like Mail. Microsoft offers much more reliable and better service. Hotmail is now a relic of past that withered with the passage of time.

 Technical Reasons for Demise of msn Hotmail

I gotta warn you now. The above paras were all bubblegum. I am going to speak a little nerdier. However, stick around. You really want to know the issues of Hotmail in detail

Outlook…The son of  msn Hotmail

Be it contacts or web-mails, be it even tasks and calendaring services, Outlook is your buddy for all of this. It is a platform well provided with tools and facilities to entertain you with all of these facilities. It is owned by Microsoft (duh!).

Now what I am about to tell you is a history of this wonderful platform. The outlook was world’s first web mail service. Technically I am speaking about Hotmail. In 1996, an eccentric Indian entrepreneur founded the company of Hotmail somewhere in the mountains of California.

The tale of Microsoft acquiring the Hotmail Company is not very old. In 1997, some salivating owners in the Microsoft saw it fit to own this wonderful company for their own use, therefore, buying it for the 400 million dollars. The name, “MSN Hotmail” was added after that. Just like the wind, the name of this company changed many times. One of the most trendy names which your probably remember is the windows live Hotmail.

Mail then followed a lot of changes and upgrades. From the old window that asked you to click yes if you wanted to log out, it came a long way forward. Latest upgrade was in 2011and it was the last one given by Microsoft. After that, we got Outlook finally replacing its good old predecessor for good. This happened in 2013.

msn hotmail

A Bit of History

It was already been told that an Indian entrepreneur named Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith founded a company by name of Hotmail, later one which would become the world’s first and one of most famous emailing services. Interestingly, it was made commercially available in 1996 in heated summers of June. How its name was chosen is also a very interesting turns of events. The word HTML was to be combined with mail, giving it the cliché name of Hotmail. As it was launched commercially, the service became available, allowing any user from any corner of world to contact another person.

The trend of Hotmail grew exponentially. You can only imagine how popular it had become, easily having about more than 8.5 million users by December 1997.

MSN Hotmail as new

As predictable, the growing status attracted the powerful and mighty as well as wealthy Microsoft, who deemed it fit to own this company, seeing its potential beforehand. They were right to do so!

So the tale took a new turn as the company, growing and prospering was sold to Microsoft for a total of 400 million dollars. MSN then combined its services with Outlook, giving it a new name of ,”MSN Hotmail”. Microsoft knew how to market. That is one of the main reasons why Hotmail’s popularity kept growing and increasing. The users grew now to thirty million and that was even before the internet was made available for everyone. Microsoft was quite hardworking too. Some of the most breathtaking projects were completed within a short span of a year or two which is an impressive feat. This served to boost the popularity of this platform.

Windows Live


When it comes to progress, there sure are hurdles. 1999 proved a bit darker time for the world’s most used email site. This also became most widespread security issue, tarnishing its reputation.

You will want to read this. It also surprises me that how on earth such an emailing website could have a flaw like that. So to make conversation shorter, lets suppose you were a hacker back then. You didn’t need to do much. You could log into any of the hotmail’s accounts by simply typing the email address and typing, “eh” in the password.

You read that right. IT DID HAPPEN! No wonder it became as one of the most widespread issues. How such an issue was there all the time despite the progress and million dollars transaction is out of my intellect’s ability to process. However, this was actually happening at that time.

This doesn’t stop there. Who can ever silence the hackers? Right?

In 2001, we have another interesting security issue when hackers found they could log into anyone’s Outlook account and pull messages from another msn Hotmail account.

This proved not just an issue, it was outright dangerous. Imagine million dollars of the transaction or simply business emails being pulled out, revealing a plethora of information that could be used for sinister purposes! Yes that had strong potential of happening. I still wonder how skillfully Microsoft recovered.

And as you can guess, the hackers ran amok on the internet, hacking and moving forward with more of sinister actions.

A sizable proportion of accounts were compromised in this incident. This only tarnished the reputation of Hotmail. In year 2001, the days between 7th August and 31 August were riddled with such incidents.

Competition that ruins!

As if the hackers weren’t enough! You also got competition in form of Google. It was the time of search engines rising. Google introduced the service of Gmail. This happened in 2004. Outlook was still recovering and progressing forward. Gmail at that time was far more flexible and had better options of data storage. Besides that, the sharing of large sized files which could never be done with Not only that, the Gmail also provided the better security and Hotmail company almost felt losing. This was not going to be an easy task. The competition only increased as Gmail gained more and more fans, easily surpassing Hotmail in usefulness. It was time to do something far better and bigger. There was a new wave of innovation in the industry of webmail and Hotmail wasn’t behind it.

Windows Live Hotmail

I believe this era marks as a start of a new service. I must say when I saw the first upgrade, I knew what was ahead. The Hotmail had started changing profoundly. I knew that there was a big change in front of the emailing service. So the first wave of innovation started when in 2005, Microsoft’s new email service was announced. Its codename was Kahuna. There was also a beta version released. However, its usage was not open. For having access to its usage, you would need to request an invitation.

One thing that I absolutely loved about this beta version was its simplicity and fast service. What interested me more was that this service was created as a new. That is right! They had ditched old msn Hotmail. No wonder the Hotmail had breathed its last, under the rubble of hackers’ dilemma and competition and rose as a new from its ashes, mainly providing faster, reliable and safer as well as simpler service.

An interesting turn of events was followed when Microsoft had changed its name to Windows live mail. You can say they were burying the seeds of a name change that early! However, people especially the regular folks like me and you were not satisfied. They were still using Outlook and especially the beta users were very confused when it came to acknowledging names. For us, the word Hotmail meant a lot more than simple Windows Live mail. And hence, Microsoft was not able to do what it wanted to do all along! The name was changed to simply Windows Live Hotmail. This removed a lot of confusion.

Microsoft is known for learning and going with new trends. Seeing how the Mail system had gone flat before, they had learned from their mistakes. This is one of the strong reasons why we got something like a new system in April 2007. I say it was a nice step.

So Outlook was in for a new registration and the users which amounted to 260 million gained access to a brand new system. However, the old system was still there especially for users who had given their registration before. I believe it was something in their systems which allowed for change. People don’t change the trends that easily. Imagine sleeping night before, logging out of same old system and when you wake up and turn on the PC, you scratch your head while seeing the old system turned all new. As much frustrating it sounds, it can get even more frustrating if you had something important to do and this upgrade had got in the way. That would have been nasty!

Coming from 2007 onwards, there is a long history of development and progression. The Microsoft never rested then, always releasing the new systems and upgrades. As the time passed, I started seeing less and less of Mail other than just the name and I saw more and more of the upgrades. The only reason why Outlook was even used because of the users who had adjusted to the old system too much. Even when the complete transition was done to Outlook, I still saw many forums asking questions about where had their Hotmail accounts had gone!

Inevitable Transition to Outlook

Frankly speaking, when the transition happened, I wasn’t a bit surprised. I knew Hotmail had been changed completely the moment they turned it into Windows live Hotmail. It was only a matter of time. Though it took eight years for them to completely renew the minds of people to accept the Outlook, I believe people still cling to Hotmail. This is became even my email has Hotmail at the end.

At first, Outlook was released in 2012, its beta version made available to users. As it progressed towards 2013, the Outlook’s upgrades kept occurring. You had the option to switch towards the Outlook theme and system. Not only that, as Outlook gained more and more users, the option of switching towards the Outlook beta version and switching back was given. I think this was the right step. Although I prefer the beta version which is more organized and steady, the old system had its own charm and I wouldn’t just switch in one day.

Features in MSN Hotmail

The features of Outlook have come a long way from only sending the emails. This has been nicely handled by all of the developers and this is indeed the right step. There was something which I honestly miss. It was the ability to create custom domain names. Perhaps the developers had grown tired to see the custom names being there, ranging from sophisticated to outright stupid. Some of the main features are given below.

  1. Security and Privacy:

Ever since the first blow to the security in form of hackers, Microsoft has been increasing the security. So much work has been done in keeping the emails separated from work emails as well as spamy ones. Emails are not scanned and attachments for advertisement and information related to personal accounts are free from ads. This is a big boost!

If you go technical, you will find many additions to security algorithms which white hackers keep testing to make it better.

  1. Active View:

This is a big relief. I assure you when you logged in old times, you would have to wait for the whole file to be downloaded. Only after that could you view it. Now, you can view pdf formats and files as well as images in the emails. No need to download useless ones when you can cross check it.

  • Skype Integration:

One of the best things that Microsoft did was Skype integration. I often talk with my clients as well as friends through outlook. I will not say it is very simple or even very user-friendly. But when you learn to use it properly, it is like driving your own car. You can use it more and more according to your own needs.

  1. Deleting the Spams:

There is a sweep option which allows you to delete a large number of useless emails. Other than that, I fell in love with spam identification of this system. Although there were many genuine emails which it identified as spam and you have check the option, “it is not a spam”, most spam emails are pushed in a side bin and deleted automatically from junk emails after ten days.

It is very important to check junk emails since any email which is a bit different gets in junk and deleted automatically within ten days. So you gotta be careful.


Outlook Keeps Asking For Password

Outlook is one of the most popular e-mail platforms in the world today. It is used throughout offices and universities to help people manage their day to day lives. The interface is user-friendly so that everyone can use it. Outlook also has security protocols in place to ensure that all your data and conversations stay secure.

Despite all of this, it is natural to face certain issues when using any software. One common issue faced by users is that sometimes Outlook keeps asking for password. Luckily, this issue is easily solvable. Below we’ve listed different solutions you can try out.

Reset Outlook Login Settings

The most effective solution is resetting Outlook login settings through the Windows Credentials Manager. You have to go to the control panel in your laptop or PC. There, click on Credentials Manager. Go to User Accounts and then Credential Manager. In both the Windows Credentials section and Generic Credentials section, remove any stored credentials that may refer to Office 365 or Microsoft Outlook e-mail addresses.

To remove a credential, click on it. Then click on details, followed by remove from vaults. A warning box will appear where you have to click yes. Repeat these steps until you have removed all the credentials linked to your e-mail address.

Clear Cached Outlook Passwords

User credentials are stored in your computer on a Windows System. If the credentials in the cache are wrong, your outlook keeps asking for password. So, an effective solution is to clear cached passwords.

In order to clear cached passwords, go to the control panel and navigate to the Credentials Manager. Once there you have to look for the credentials by the name of Outlook. Once you find it, click on it and then select Remove from vault. Remove all credentials that have Outlook in their name.

Make sure you have the latest Outlook version

Ensuring that your software is up to date is immensely important. An out of date software can lag and may have many bugs. Updated versions of software fix these issues and allow new features to be added. So, it’s important to make sure that your Outlook is updated. If you’re too lazy to update the software each time an update comes out manually, you can check that automatic updates are turned on.

To check and see whether you have the latest version of Outlook, open Outlook and go to File. Choose the Office Account option and then click Update Options. On the new window click Update Now from the menu. This will enable Outlook to check for new updates. If you don’t see the Update Now button on the menu, you have probably disabled updates. In that case, you need to choose to enable updates first.

Temporarily Disable Antivirus programs

Antivirus programs can sometimes interfere with applications on your computer. Those programs that use firewalls can block application such as Outlook from working properly and cause problems. Temporarily disable your antivirus program and check to see if Outlook works fine while it is disabled.

Disable Outlook Add-ins

Sometimes add-ins can interfere with Outlook working properly. Open Outlook in safe mode first. Outlook opens without any extensions and custom settings in safe mode. To open safe mode, hold down the control key on your keyboard when you’re opening the Outlook application.

Once the safe mode is open, remove outlook add-ins. Click on File and then on Options. From there head to the left panel where you will see the option for Add-ins. When you click Add-ins a new pop-up window will appear where you can view all Add-ins that have been installed. Click on an add-in and another window will pop up. Then simply click remove to get rid of the add-in.

A Slow Internet Connection

Outlook keeps asking for password when your internet connection is slow or unstable. This kind of internet connection can cause your outlook to lose connection to the mail server. It will continuously try to reconnect to the server and every time it will ask you for your login credentials.

You can check the speed of your internet connection on any online internet speed test. If your internet speed is slow, it is probably interfering with other tasks you may have as well. In that case, your best bet is to change your internet connection. However, if your speed is fine, then the problem lies somewhere else.

Change Log On Network Security

For older versions of Outlook, this trick works. Exit Outlook and open your control panel. In the Control Panel, click Mail. Once Mail has opened click Show Profiles. Select your Outlook profile and click Properties. Then, click e-mail accounts. Select your e-mail and click change. In the Change Account tab click More settings and then click Microsoft Exchange. In the Microsoft Exchange tab, select the Security option. Once you’re there click Login network security and then Anonymous Authentication. There should be a pop-up screen where you have to select ‘OK.’ The click Finish and Close on the Account Settings window. Close your Mail Set up and then Close the Mail window in control panel. This should work on older versions of Outlook.

If none of these work then there may be a deeper problem at hand. Software issues are only fixable to an extent. If your Outlook keeps asking for password despite this, then consider contacting Outlook help. You can contact their support line via phone or e-mail. Or take your laptop to the closest technology store and ask one of their experts.

Problems like these arise in all software and are not unique to just Microsoft Outlook. Despite these problems, Outlook is one of the best e-mail servers and data management software out there.


Where can you find the Hotmail Login Page ?

If you’re looking for the Hotmail Login Page, you are in the right place. The interesting thing about using a Microsoft email is that you get to use it anywhere you want without any restriction. It’s actually a system that works really well, you just have to use that to your advantage if possible and the outcome can be more than ok due to that reason alone.

Hotmail Login Page

Why do you need to find the Hotmail Login Page?

The reason why you need to use the Log in is that this is the only way to check your mail. If you have an Outlook address, then you need to use the dedicated Outlook Log in Page in order to reach the desired information as fast as possible. The thing to keep in mind about the Hotmail Login is that you have to know both the credentials and password too.

Even if you reach the Outlook, you still need to have all the credentials in place so you can get the best possible experience. It’s actually a system that will work quite well for you, provided that you know how to take advantage of it.

Thankfully, once you log in you will have no problem getting the best possible experience and results without that much of an effort. It’s certainly a very good idea to take into consideration and one that you will enjoy quite a bit because of that. Sure, there will be some slight challenges that you can have along the way, but it’s up to you to try and sign as quickly as possible so you can get the best opportunity and results on the market.

Should you consider visiting the Outlook Email Page often? It all comes down to where and when you have to check your email. Most of the time you will have no problem studying this online, so try to use that to your own advantage.

Where can you find the Login Page?

This is actually really easy to figure out. The idea here is simple, you just have to go online, visit and then you can use your Microsoft account credentials there. Why do you have to go to the Outlook page through? Because there’s no Hotmail system anymore. While you can still create a MSN log in, you will be able to use it as a Microsoft account and you can check your emails via the Outlook Login listed above.

It’s a really good thing honestly, as you get immediate access to all the features that you may need in no time. It’s a convenient and simple way to login to the services that you need and gets access to the stuff you require in no time. The best part is that this login page can be accessed anywhere. You can even use it from mobile if you want to and yes, it does work extremely well due to that reason alone.

The thing you have to realize here is that the return on investment can be huge. It works great, it brings you a really good convenience and the value as a whole will be more than enticing all the time.

Once you visit the Outlook, you will be ready to go and you can use it whenever and however you want, without any restriction. This shows the outstanding value that you can get this way and the unique set of opportunities that come with the Outlook Login!

How can you do Hotmail Email Login?

You just have to visit the page listed above and then you have to sign in and access your email. Yes, the Email sign In process is so simple and convenient that everyone can do it. There’s no real need for tutorials, and the outcome on its own will be among some of the best out there. It’s definitely a very good option to consider and one that you will enjoy quite a bit as time goes by.

What you do need to realize is that the Outlook E-mail  is accessible anywhere in the world. And this is actually used as a Microsoft account. As a result, you do get the opportunity to sign in to this service and use it as you see fit. It’s a special experience to have and one that really helps take things to the next level without that much of a problem.

You will need to remember the MSN Email credentials though. Both the email and password are very important. If you don’t remember them, you will not be able to access the Hotmail Email, it’s that simple. So yes, you do need to take this into consideration and you have to use that to your own advantage the best way that you can. It will be well worth it, and it will offer you a huge range of benefits as you go along.

hotmail login page inbox

The thing to keep in mind about the  E-mail Log in is that it’s reliable, unique and very convenient. It certainly offers you tons of great options, and you will enjoy the results quite a bit due to that reason alone. It’s definitely worth the effort and it can bring in front a multitude of unique opportunities for you to enjoy here.

So, can you use the Email on the log in page? Of course, and the best part is that you can actively use this online with little to no effort. The information is there for you to access and you can check it out whenever you need to. Yes, it’s well worth using and it can bring you a stellar amount of benefits due to that reason alone. Keep in mind that you need to use the Outlook log in and the right Hotmail Email Log in if you want to get the best results. Once you do that though, you will have no problem accessing your account!

Hotmail Outlook

How to add and request receipts and delivery notifications

By 1996, Windows Live Hotmail was launched by Jack Smith and SabeerBathia and was one of the first free email services in those times. In case you do not know yet, its name was first spelled HoTMaiL, emphasizing the HTML. Next year, it was sold to Microsoft Corporation and renamed as In the beginning, it provided users with many interesting features such as a calendar, virus scanning, spam filters, management tasks, and more.

After renaming this service, Microsoft Corporation released many interesting changes and introduced new features. Even if the company made many changes to the email service, is not very different from Hotmail. In fact, Outlook is a modern version of Hotmail. For this reason, users can make sure that they are the same.

What happened to Hotmail?

As I said before, when Hotmail login page was acquired by Microsoft, the company introduced a wide range of changes to this free email service. For instance, the URL redirects you to the home page for all Microsoft services, such as OneDrive, Skype, and so on. In addition to this, Microsoft provides users with the possibility to update their email accounts and to enjoy all the new features.

Everything you need to know about adding and requesting read receipts and delivery notifications

First and foremost, it is important for you to know that delivery receipts were designed with the main goal of confirming delivery of the sender´s messages to the recipient´s mailbox. However, they are not the ability to confirm delivery of those messages that the recipient previously saw. Receipts confirm that your messages were opened. Apart from this, the recipient has the option of declining to send read receipts. It is also possible that read receipts were not sent to the recipient.

How to tack all sent messages?

Firstly, look for the Options button, and then tap the Mail option. Now you are required to tap the Delivery receipt confirming the message was delivered to the recipient’s e-mail server option. In addition to this, it is important to mention that it is better to track a single message instead of all of them. Keep in mind that some recipients have the option of receiving notifications that read receipts are requested on your messages.

How to track a single message?

In this case, you are required to look for the Request a Delivery Receipt option and tap it. If you do not find this option, you have to look for the Tracking group. In this section, you will find the option you need to select.

If you are interested in tracking responses, you have to locate the first message you sent. If you do not find it, look for the Sent Items option. Then, tap the Message option and select the Tracking button. You have to keep in mind that you will not find the Tracking button if no receipt was received previously. This option will be available when you receive one receipt.


Hotmail Sign In

Logging into Hotmail or the so-called Hotmail Sign In is really not as difficult to do as it seems. So much less, if one talks about one of the most veteran and excellent email platforms in the world. Do you dare to discover more about this email platform? If so, then be sure to get comfortable and to not stop reading the information below.


How to log in to Hotmail or how to make the Hotmail Sign In

Talking about logging into Hotmail is talking about logging in to the platform known as Outlook. This one is nothing more than a new email service, owned by the Microsoft company. With it, you can have access to a digital environment in which you can send and receive emails. This is not to say that Outlook replaced Hotmail, but rather the latter was absorbed by the former.

The above being said in this way, it is worth wondering how to log in to Outlook. Well, you can do it without any inconvenience by using the following steps:

  1. Access the main Outlook page and look for the login option. Usually, this option is in the upper right part of the window.
  2. Once there, it will ask you to enter your email and then press the “next” button. If you have a phone associated with Hotmail, you can also place it to access your email.
  3. Once pressed, it will ask you to type your password to access your account. Place that information and wait until you can see your entire inbox.

How to create Outlook without Hotmail Sign In

As you could well be appreciated, Sign In Hotmail is something very simple to do and carry out. However, this may change a bit when talking about creating a Hotmail account. It’s just as simple as starting an Outlook session, you just have to do the following:

  1. Search the official Outlook page and access the email login.
  2. In this window, you can search for the option “create new account” or “register” as the case may be. You will have to click on this option to have another window displayed.
  3. Located in the aforementioned window, you will now have to fill out a form with all your personal information. Right there, you can place your username and your email. In the latter case, you can choose what type of email you want to create. If it’s an outlook email, you’ll have to choose the “” option.
  4. Once all the necessary data has been placed, you will have to click on the “next” or “continue” button.
  5. Accept the Hotmail terms and conditions and continue with the process and then access the Hotmail login page.
  6. Arrived here, if you do not want to sign in to Hotmail as such, you will only have to leave the page. This is how you can create a Hotmail without logging in!

How to make Hotmail Sign without Outlook?

There are people who really dislike the new Outlook email platform. Even so, his lifelong mail turns out to be a Hotmail email that is now in the hands of Microsoft. Therefore, in theory, they should access Outlook to access your Hotmail account.

Can I sign in to Hotmail without Outlook? The answer turns out to be totally affirmative. To make Hotmail Sign In without Outlook you will only have to:

  1. Go to the email platform of your choice. In this particular, we recommend the Google E-mail platform, also known as Gmail. You must have an account already created on the email server you have chosen.
  2. Access your non-Hotmail account and, do this, you will have to go to the settings section.
  3. Look for the option to “link account” or something similar and link your Outlook email to another email.

Ready, if you do this perfectly, you can access your Hotmail without using Outlook directly. This can be done more quickly if you have the Google “Gmail” application for smartphones.

Make Sign In Hotmail as another user

It is more than proven that logging into Hotmail for the first time is extremely simple. Now, what happens if you want to change user or Hotmail account on the same computer? Well, for that, you just have to close the session in MSN and then open it with the other desired user. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Access your Hotmail inbox, accessing the Outlook page.
  2. Look for the options section in the upper right part of the window and click on the option to close the session.
  3. Done this, you will see how the window that will appear now will be the same window to log in to Hotmail. In case this window does not appear, you will only have to access it from the official Outlook page.

Problems in Hotmail Sign In

Hotmail is not perfect, being able to include with it several faults or problems when logging in. This makes one wonder the following: Why cannot I log in to MSN Hotmail? The answer to this question may be found in the following points:

  • Not being able to log in with the incorrect password. This is the most common problem for not being able to access Outlook and the best way to solve it is:
  1. Access the Hotmail login page and enter your username.
  2. When the system asks for your password, press the button that says “I forgot my password”.
  3. Here you will see a window with very useful options to request to enter the Hotmail account. Choose the one that best suits you and follows the indications that the platform has for you. Among these options, there is one that consists to send an authentication email to an account associated with your MSN.
  • Have Hotmail open on two different computers. Generally, in these cases, your Hotmail email can be opened under certain conditions, claiming that you have two open sessions. In these cases, it may ask for a way to verify your identity, for which you would have to give your phone number. If you have previously registered it when creating the Hotmail, by placing it, it will be enough to log incorrectly on the platform.
  • The service status is not active. This problem is already typical of the platform and there is no way to solve it by your own actions. What you have to do is wait for Outlook and Hotmail to be active before you can log in. To make sure of that, verify that the Hotmail status in Outlook is green.

For more information or problems related to the login in Outlook, you can go to the help section of Outlook. There you will find all the information you need to know and more to log in to your Hotmail without any inconvenience.

Advantages and recommendations when using Hotmail

Hotmail is one of the oldest email services of today, this being its seal of quality. There are many advantages you can get by opting for the Sign In of Hotmail, among which the following stand out:

  • It is a totally free service that gives you the opportunity to be connected in this new digital world. Keep in mind that currently, it is vital to have an email.
  • You can link any type of Microsoft service such as Xbox Live or SkyDrive to this account. As if that were not enough, you have the possibility of being connected at all times thanks to the MSN applications for Smartphone.
  • Hotmail with Outlook has the most avant-garde systems in terms of security. Thus, the chances that you lose your Outlook session or that someone hacks it are particularly low.
  • The unique features of Hotmail make it more than useful for any occasion. These characteristics include:
  • Play YouTube videos.
  • Be able to receive messages from other email accounts to the Hotmail account.
  • The ability to send up to 10 GB of attachments to anyone.
  • You can customize your account and give it the style that best suits you so that you feel more at ease.
  • It is a very light email provider and does not complicate the existence when you forget your password.
  • As far as the recommendations are concerned, you just have to know the following:
  • Try not to give your MSN password to anyone, as this is the best way to keep your account secure.
  • Keep your inbox properly organized to keep track of the most important emails you receive. For this, Outlook has different tools that will help you manage your Hotmail.
  • Use Hotmail’s post-It to remember short and important information in a matter of seconds. This tool can be activated by entering MSN and pressing the “Ctrl + Shift + N” keys.

Now you can start using Hotmail in the way you want best because here you saw how to do it without inconvenience. It is up to you to get the most out of an e-mail that can be adapted to all your needs. Ready to use Hotmail?


How to change outlook password

When you feel vulnerable or infiltrated, the first thing you think about is to change your password. Compromising your password means exposing all your personal information to an unauthorized person. Not only do you risk exposing the most sensitive and private information but also losing access in case the person changes the password. You would rather change the password than share it with someone you are not sure about. It is meant to be personal in the first place anyway, so make sure it is kept private at all times.

How to change outlook password


There are two options available to change or update the password to your email account. These are in outlook and with the email provider (such as Office 365, Gmail, iCloud, and Yahoo among others). This means you will be changing your password in more than one place. Changing the password in two places is necessary because there are two things involved for email access. Here they are:

1.    An account, which comes with an email provider like 365 or iCloud

2.    An application to display the email messages and allow the user to read and reply to the messages

After you change the password, you will change your password with the email provide and update it in outlook

When should one change the Outlook password?

There are several circumstances that can lead to your decision to change the account’s password. However, you should be balanced to avoid shifting the password every time you want to do it. This way, you are likely to lose count and the particular changes you made. To avoid confusion, keep your password a secret to yourself. If you still want to change the password, check the threshold of your security levels before you proceed to change it. Here are some of the main reasons you should consider to make an informed decision on changing account passwords;

1.    If you suspect that someone has stolen or gained access to the account

2.    If the email provider delivers a password reset link

3.    If you forget the password to your account

Updating the password in Outlook

Outlook does not allow changing passwords with the email provider. This means that if you forget it, you follow a longer process, which includes setting a password for an Outlook Data File (.pst). Outlook is one of the few email accounts with this type of format to store your data. Other accounts such as Office 365 and exchange accounts alongside other POP and IMAP options are designed with Offline Outlook Data Files. Beware that if you set a password on the data file and forget the password there is no way to retrieve it

Outlook for Windows

Here are the steps you need to perform the change on your Windows P.C:

1.    Select File then Account Settings

2.    Update the password and tap on OK to complete

This should be easy for those with Office 365 subscriptions and monthly updates. If you have a semi-annual plan (with outlook versions from 2010 to 2019) or a purchased outlook and standalone application, here are the steps to follow:

1.    Just like the above guidelines; select File then go to account settings

2.    Choose the appropriate email account you need to make your changes and select ‘change

3.    On the pop-up menu, select update your password

4.    After the testing process is complete, Click Finish and then Close to save changes and return to outlook

For outlook 2007, there are some variations included. Observe the instructions, which are specific to it and avoid any mistakes and frustrations. Check out the differences in the 2007 version:

  1. On File tab
  2. Choose and click on Data File management instead of the traditional ‘Account Settings
  3. Here, locate the data files tab and tap on the Outlook Data File to make the changes on the password, and click settings
  4. Click ‘Change Password’ if you are online because it is inactive whenever you are offline. This extension is listed in the location column. Note that most of the email accounts such as Office 365 and use the rare data file (.ost).
  5. In the dialogue box appearing named ‘change password’, type in the password for the old one. If there is no pre-existing password, you may leave this slot the way it is.

The new password and verify password boxes allow you input your desired new password. It can be as much as 15 characters and case-sensitive

Select Ok to complete

Outlook for Mac

1.    Find the tools tab and choose ‘Accounts’

2.    In the left pane, choose the account you need to make your changes

3.    Enter your desired password on the space found on the right pane

4.    Close the accounts window for the automatic save

Is an App Password necessary?

If you use outlook actively to send messages on other platforms such as Gmail and Yahoo, you may not need the regular email account passwords to set up the accounts. The email providers require two-factor authentication and an app password to complete. It will only a one-time process


Your email account security is of vital importance. If you feel threatened, you should change it as soon as you can to avoid any intrusions and exposure of your sensitive information. Outlook offers various options for you. However, you should beware that if you lose or forget your Microsoft password, there is no recovery option. This means you should be careful enough to protect it.