How to enter our Hotmail Inbox ?

The simpler way to describe what an Hotmail inbox is by saying that it’s a location, where all your incoming emails are supposed to go, depending on the kind of email service you are currently using you can program this location to organize the emails in different folders depending on the level of importance the email has for you, since the different folders will be made by you, or they will be already pre-made and all you have to do is choose in which folder the contacts belong in.

Hotmail inbox

The Rules of the Hotmail Inbox in the past

In the original Hotmail a few years ago, the inbox was something very simple, all your emails will show up there, but there was a choice you had where you could move some of the emails towards another folder, whether they are selected as spam or just something that is not very important for you.

In the first days of Hotmail what you could do was three main things, the first one are to file the emails as a way to organize you and make you respond to messages faster. You can do this by simply creating a rule where the inbox will read the subject line when a message arrives, and depending on the word that you selected if they find it they will be sent towards that folder, so you know what is important.

You could also make the inbox notify you when you receive an important message, so if you need to answer the message from a friend or a family member, you can just select the notification option and then you will receive a message in your phone. And the last one is the exceptions, those are just the normal emails that are nothing particularly important, but are not spam so they stay there in the inbox until you decide what to do with it.

The rules of the new Hotmail inbox outlook

These three options that we mentioned before are still here, but there are a lot of other options that you can choose now, in here after you have created your account you can just go to the tab that says ‘inbox rules’, and there you can create as many as you want and they can fill up the criteria you want.

Before creating the rules, if what you want is to organize the emails neatly all you would have to do is simply create all the folders necessary for you, from things like family, work, or friends and many others that you can think of and then you can start creating the rules so the inbox will know exactly what to do whenever a new email arrives in here.

After that, all you have to do is select from your contacts in what kind of folder they would belong when you receive an email from then, after that is done you won’t have to worry about organizing anything, all you will have to think about is about deleting them after reading them or archiving them.

Even though it has evolved a lot since Hotmail first made an appearance into our lives, from the inbox being the only place where emails will go and then stay there, to all the new features that are included here from the folders, to the notification to many more we were not able to mention in this article here.

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How to make Hotmail iniciar sesion ?

What is Hotmail iniciar sesion?

Iniciar sesion Hotmail. To be able to fully understand this article you need to know what is MSN Hotmail iniciar sesion correo, this is an online messaging platform where you can send thousands of emails to whoever you need to send it to. This is a great tool to use if you happen to live far away from your family and friends and to keep in contact, or simply as a great way to receive some of the important information you need that is work-related.

This platform allows you to save all the contacts that you need, and then create multiple folders where the emails will be sent to, so this way you will know exactly what needs your attention quickly and what can’t wait for a while.

Iniciar sesion Hotmail

A couple of years ago the Hotmail platform changed and it is now called Outlook, but this change doesn’t mean that if you previously had a MSN Hotmail account you will not be able to still access this platform with this account. The process is very simple and it only takes a few steps for you to complete.

Hotmail iniciar sesion

The first thing that you need to do is enter in the outlook web page (you can still write down the Hotmail email login page you will be redirected), once you are in the page you will have to click on the button that says ‘log in’ and all you will have to do there, is when the little window opens is enter your old MSN account (the same way it was, you don’t have to change it to outlook), and then enter your password.

If you entered your password correctly, your account will open immediately and just like that you will be able to enter the platform and use it whenever you want to, but now you have the ability to use the new features included with the new platform.

What does ‘Iniciar Sesion Hotmail Correo’ means?

If you happen to enter the web page for the outlook platform, but you see something a little different, like the buttons that you usually click say something like msn Hotmail Iniciar Sesion this doesn’t mean anything bad, it just means that you either happened to enter the Spanish version of the page or you changed the language by accident the last time that you used this platform.

Hotmail Iniciar Sesion just means to login into your account, so all you have to do is enter your account and password the same way that you would usually do it, and then just make sure to go to settings and change the language to the one you prefer it to be. It’s just that simple.

How to close your MSN Hotmail login iniciar sesion account

Now after you have used this platform for whatever you needed, and you have had the time check out all the features that are available for you in this platform, or simply answered and viewed all the emails and messages that were in your inbox at the moment, you might be asking yourself how to close this account (simply close the session not delete it). Doing this is something very simple all you have to do is follow the next steps.

The first thing that you have to do is go your inbox, and in there you will be able to see the name of your account, it is the little icon on the right at the top of the screen, once you have located this icon click on it and after doing that a little dropdown list will show up, there all you have to do is select the last option in the list, the one that says ‘close session’ after that, if you made any changes in the account or your profile they will be saved so next time you go in they will still be there and you will have finally closed the Hotmail iniciar sesion account.


Hotmail Login, all tricks to get more out your Hotmail Email Login

One of the most important things about Hotmail Login is that it’s a very important website for people that want to create a Hotmail account. It works quite nicely and quickly, and the best part is that it won’t eat up a lot of your time either. Creating a Hotmail Email Login Page is pretty easy, as long as you have all the tools and ideas ready to go. Thankfully, the entire process is quite convenient and it’s focused on making it simple for you to find the right guidance for this process.

What is Hotmail Email Login?

Hotmail is an email system created by Microsoft. Just like Google has Gmail, Hotmail was created by Microsoft and its primary focus is to help you retain all your emails and access them with ease whenever and however you want. Outlook makes it easier for you to gain access to all the content you need, and at the same time, you can also send emails to other people if you want too.

Outlook has hundreds of millions of accounts, but many of them are inactive as well. That being said, the system was created in 1995, so Hot-mail is very old. Yet it has constantly evolved, to the point where you can get some amazing benefits from here and a huge return on investment can be found each time you use it.

Hotmail email login page

Starting with 2013, Microsoft shared that they are done with the Outlook brand and they want to move it to the brand. And while that did happen, you can still create your own Hotmail Login if you want without that much of a hassle. This is still an important thing for a lot of people, as they do want to show their adherence to the Microsoft services.

Why do we really need a Hotmail Login Page?

It all comes down to what online services you use and so on. Some people want a fast and reliable login system. Others just need a way to reach the desired services without spending a lot of time. As a whole, this is a system that does make a lot of sense. It’s created with a focus on quality and at the same time, it does bring in front a huge layout and some unique benefits. But it’s also unique in its own right, which is one of the reasons why a lot of people want to use such a system in the first place.

During the late 2000’s, MSN was known for receiving a lot of spam, which is why some users migrated to other platforms. But the idea is that mail has changed quite a lot since then. It’s still very powerful and full of amazing features. It’s distinct, powerful and it always stands out with some unique features and a great attention to detail that few other platforms have provided throughout all these years.

You will also notice that Outlook is constantly upgraded. They always want to add new features to it. And that’s very handy because it does bring in front a lot of amazing features and options for people that do use this platform often. What you do need to realize here is that Mail is needed if you want to have the best access to Microsoft services. While other email services work, the customization options and benefits are amazing and that’s maybe the best thing about Outlook in the first place.

Integration with other services

Hotmail is designed to work on its own. So yes, if you need to create an email, you will have no problem doing that. But you will also notice that Outlook works hand in hand with many of the Microsoft services. In fact, it’s integrated with Outlook, Passport, it was also a part of the MSN messenger, which is why it got quite a lot of exposure.

Is Hotmail email Login safe?

Everyone that wants to create an email account would most likely ask this question. And for a very good reason. Are you safe if you use this or not? Just like many other email systems, MSNHot mail is designed to be as safe as possible. Whether it delivers a good value for you or not, that depends on a huge range of factors. But in total, it does bring in front quite a major set of benefits and it always offers some unique options for people that want comprehensive email support.

hotmail inbox email login

The fact that you get support directly from Microsoft is very nice. At the same time, Hotmail also has spam filters. They even integrated virus scanning and storage for around 1GB or even more. Again, in this situation, you have OneDrive integration. Everyone wants to have lots of free storage, and using a system like OneDrive can help you achieve that goal without that much of an issue. There’s no need to upgrade your Outlook account in any way, and in the end, this is a very good option to take your online support and experience to the next level!

What are the features for, which is Hotmail’s replacement?

You will notice that there are quite a lot of defining features in the Hotmail Email Login, which makes it stand out from the crowd. The first one is that you have virtually unlimited storage for free. Gone are the days when you had to worry about a lack of storage. The cloud storage offered by them is very fast and reliable. As you would expect from something like Microsoft, to be honest. They still have spam filtering as well as built-in search and mobile access. They also integrated Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and other services too.

Simply put, Hotmail email Login is a very comprehensive and powerful service right now. Not that it wasn’t until this time, but it did manage to grow quite a lot in the past few years. And in the end, it’s safe to say that it brought all these things to the next level. While it’s not the most popular mail system out there, it is one of the best and that’s what matters.

With each new Windows Iteration, Outlook did receive various new features too. And the same thing happens when it comes to new Office versions too. Microsoft mail is always revamped and changed, to the point where it always gets something new and interesting. It’s a great addition and it shows the huge focus and detail that they brought in when it comes to something like this!

How can you register a Hotmail email Login?

The way you can do this is to visit The idea is that you have to go to the website and then follow all the requirements in order to complete the signup process.

Microsoft will ask for quite a lot of information. This includes your personal, current email, name, birthdate, location, studies and a variety of other important information pieces. It’s important to note that you need to offer accurate information, including your country.

It doesn’t seem that relevant at first, but you need to add accurate information about the country if you want your account to work properly. Sometimes there can be some glitches and issues, not to mention your account may get restricted if you don’t use your information. So yes, it’s very important to not add random information. Microsoft may require you to make some changes at times or they will ask you for some questions you replied there.

create account hotmail email login

If you add content randomly, it won’t help you a lot. That’s why the best thing you can do is to add your own information and not anything random just to get rid of the process. You won’t do anything right, if anything you will just create more problems than it’s worth, so try to take that into account if possible.

Is it necessary to have a Microsoft account and not other types of account like an Outlook based on? For starters, it’s a lot easier to create an account on the Outlook page and it’s heavily connected with the entire Windows ecosystem. It’s a process that makes a lot of sense and which brings in front some unique, transgressive features that you will like quite a lot. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that integrating all these features into a platform like this can be very time-consuming and challenging. But it can also be quite good, and that’s what the Hotmail login page does for you.

This is not only an address that you access whenever you need it. In fact, it actually makes it easy for you to gain access to the entire Windows Ecosystem. It makes a lot of sense to use some features like this, and the return on investment can be huge due to that reason alone. They did a masterful job with integrating Outlook and yes, it really works exactly the way you would expect with the Windows services. The same thing goes for the Microsoft services in general. It goes as a complete package and it does not disappoint at all, which is quite challenging to have nowadays.

Where can you opt for a Hotmail Login?

If you want to view your emails, then you have to visit Once your account is created, you can easily open up your inbox and that’s it. You have all the basic functionalities of an email system here. You can view and read emails. You can also check drafts, sent items, archived content, deleted items and so on.

Moreover, you can mark everything as read, you can browse the conversation history and so on. It’s a nice opportunity for you to access all your email, and the best part is that you can also manage everything with little to no effort. The process is very fast and convenient, and it only gets better as you go along.

hotmail email login security code

Regular functionality is ok, but it does come with its own limitations. It’s not as comprehensive as some of the other features, but you can expand that via the Premium option. That option will differ when it comes to pricing, it all comes down to the features that you want to opt for. You can get the premium Outlook stuff with office 365 home or premium. This is a yearly subscription and it includes Office 365 as well as Outlook features too.

You have an ad-free inbox, advanced protection against attackers, 1 TB of storage, Outlook for your computer, as well as immediate access to the latest Office stuff. They also add premium customer support in here too, which is a really handy and helpful feature to have. It’s something that you will be quite impressed with right off the bat, but some people won’t really need many of the features listed in here.

How to secure your Hotmail Email Login?

The first thing you want to do is to avoid sharing your Hotmail Login credentials with anyone. You can add a backup address and phone number that won’t be completely displayed to the potential hacker. So, you will be the only one that knows them completely, unless you shared those credentials. Don’t rush to share credentials with others, it’s not ok and it will surely not help you in any way.

If you can opt for a two-step verification system. This is a very good option to take into account and most of the time it will work like a charm too. Microsoft recommends you to use a smartphone app like the Microsoft Account app. If you’re on iOS, you can use the Google Authenticator. Adding a two-step identification system will secure your account, and it’s by far one of the best ways for you to stay safe in the online world. It really works as a system, and it can offer some amazing benefits and features as you go along.

In the end, your email Login is very important and you have to take proper care of it. Remember, you should always make sure that you login safely and even use a two-step system to log in too. It’s just a whole lot better, and it will make it easier to avoid any potential problems. It can be very tricky and time-consuming for some to create an Outlook email Login, but the reality is that the entire process is very easy. Consider creating your own account right now if you want to use Microsoft services often, as it will be worth it!


How to Change Skype Name

It is not uncommon to first sign up with a fancy and clever username only to regret after some time down the road.  Most people get embarrassed when they are invited to use it in a formal setting like a job interview. If you are caught up in a situation where you need to change the impression on you, do not worry as changing your Skype name is possible. You may change the Skype name on a different platform such as Windows and Mac. Skype mobile app is the most common followed by Skype on the web, and Skype for business.

Skype acknowledged the need to make such changes and devised ways to allow its users to change their names. If you do not have an appealing name or image, you will not be confident enough to use the account. For this reason, the company ensured that users can have their chance to make the, therefore, helps to support their choices. If you need to change your Skype name today, you need to consider the details of your Microsoft account too. The two have been linked and work together hence affecting the process of changing names slightly. Before you expose an undesirable name on your job interview, consider the options on how to change Skype name.

skype video call

Overview Skype change name

Note that your Skype name varies from your Skype username. This means you will be allowed to change the display name any time, for other users who communicate with you. The Skype username is the email address used to create the Outlook account. Microsoft acquired Skype back in 2011 hence the connection with your Microsoft account. You may also customize the username/ID only. All you need to do is change the email address connecting the account with the Hotmail account.  If you signed up for your Skype account prior to acquiring a Microsoft account, you will have a non-email-based name. This username will not be changed at all unless you create the new account altogether and lose existing contact. Here are the guidelines on how to make changes to the Skype name in Windows and Mac computers.

How to change Skype Display name on Windows and Mac

Note that changing the display name can be as easy as opening the app and selecting the name. If you are using Skype on Windows or Mac Pc, you need to follow these instructions for a smooth process of change

Open the Skype app

1.    Select the Skype profile image on the top-left corner of your screen

2.    Find and click the Skype display name

3.    On the space provided, type your desired name

4.    Press Enter to save. You may alternatively check the box on the right-hand side of the text box.

If you want to use the Skype website, you can necessitate the changes in the following ways:

1.    Launch the web browser and choose

2.    Select your name in the top-right corner

3.    On the drop-down menu appearing, select My Account

4.    Go to ‘edit profile’, which is located on the bottom left of your screen

5.    Select ‘edit profile’ again

Change the name and click save

Something to note about the Skype website is that it forces you to enter your last name as well. You may want to change the Skype display name into a single word. It would be better to follow the former guideline. The desktop app would be more beneficial than on the website. If you want to enter the first name you need a workaround like entering the special character of your choice in the last name.

How to change the Skype Display Name on Mobile

How to change the Skype Display Name on Mobile

1.    Open the Skype app

2.    Tap the Skype profile image on the top page

3.    Select the Skype display name and then the ‘edit’ icon appearing close to the display name

4.    Type in your desired name

5.    Tap on ‘done’ or select the checkmark on the right-hand side to complete and save.

Notice that the whole process is meant to change the Skype display name only. Your Skype username/ID remains the same and unaltered. What your friends and other users see is what changes. This means that your job interviewer will view the new name when they connect with you. Once your display name is saved in their contacts, they will view the new look in image and name later.

How to change the Skype username

Note that with only one email address, it is not possible to make the changes. It will not be practical thanks to the limitations of a single email address. If therefore, you fear changing the Skype email address and losing people on Skype, you should not consider this. Changing the Skype username/ID requires changing the email address linked to it. This process may de-link you from crucial contacts making it difficult for them to find you. Here are the instructions

  1. Launch the browser and
  2. Select the name in the top-right corner
  3. Under the drop-down menu appearing, select My Account
  4. Find the Contact details and click ‘edit profile’
  5. Type in your desired new address in the email address box
  6. Select save on the top right corner
  7. Click OK to confirm

Remember that this method works only for Skype usernames created after Microsoft accounts were linked. Since the usernames will not be displayed, there is no much difference or complication generated.


Everything You Need To Know About Hotmail EMail Login

Hotmail email login, one of the oldest email clients in internet history was Microsoft MSN Hotmail. The service has been on offer since 1997 and is responsible for greatly popularizing the entire email genre. Hotmail had an extensive feature list that is the primary reason behind why the platform had a competitive advantage. Having a Hotmail account means that you could do some things, people used to think it was all about chatting.

Sadly, however, the inception of Gmail had a significant impact on the popularity of Hotmail E-mail Logins. People were starting to tire of Hotmail because of the complex user interface in place. Gmail with its simplistic and minimalist features and design was beginning to capture much of Hotmail’s market share.

With their UI and interface issues in mind. Hotmail was cut and out came the new outlook. The outlook is Microsoft’s state of the art email platform and completely revamps Hotmail. Outlook has a new them that completely reinvents the entire Hotmail experience. The new options to manage your files allow you to create an incredibly flexible email client that caters to all your needs. Furthermore, it effectively links all your Microsoft devices very quickly.

2013 was the year in which outlook officially took Hotmail place.  If you were among me the older generation you probably already have a Hotmail account. You can continue to use it, but instead of the tradition Hotmail settings, it now takes you to outlook. Those of you who are new to the party may have to settle with domain names. The domain name isn’t available anymore. However, in the case of an existing account, you can continue to use your old domain name without worry.

Hotmail computer

How To Access An Old Hotmail Account

If you have a Hotmail account sitting in the corner collecting dust, it is highly likely to assume that you don’t remember the password either. Which may render the old account inaccessible but no need to worry Microsoft offers a myriad of solutions.

The most basic thing you can do is click on the forgot password tab on the Hotmail Email Login page. Clicking on the tab on the will ask you to verify your email. Once you have confirmed your email, you can attempt to answer the security questions. Answering the security questions correctly will take you to the password change page. Here you can easily reset your password and get your account back.

If however, you have forgotten the security question things become slightly more complicated. Human memory has a habit of letting you down when you most need to remember something. There’s no need to worry though, as you can get help from Microsoft’s account recovery form. The account recovery form helps to ensure that only you will gain access to your account.

For the Hotmail account recovery form to work, it is essential that you enable two-step verification if you haven’t done that recovering your Hotmail account becomes much harder. Two-step verification allows you to set up an alternate recovery email, if you’ve got one set up already you can recover the other account in minutes. The Hotmail server will send you a mail allowing you to reset password instructions on your alternate email.

How To Fill Out The Account Recovery Form

The Account Recovery Form is on the Hotmail Email Login page. Once you upon the account recovery form filling it is a simple task. You’ll have to enter the email address; phone number or user name of the account you’re trying to regain access too. The next step will ask you to provide Microsoft with an email. This email account is where Microsoft will send you the password reset instructions. The last step in the process is verifying the captcha to prove you’re not a robot.  After that Microsoft should send you a password recovery email on the alternate account within the next 24 hours.

hotmail email login

How To Check Hotmail Login History?

If you don’t open Hotmail more often or if you’re feeling as if someone else is trying to get into your account, you can check your login history. To check your login history log on to your email account and go to the inbox tab.

On the top right corner of the screen, you will see your Username, click on your username and select the Account settings tab. After opening the account settings just click on the check recent activity link, outlook will ask you to verify your password for security purposes.

After confirming your password, you’ll get access to your recent log-in history. Clicking on a specific attempt will also give you all the details you need. So you can confirm whether someone else has been trying to access your account.

How To Create A New Hotmail Account

Creating a new Hotmail Email Login isn’t possible anymore as outlook has taken Hotmail’s place. You can create an outlook account in mere minutes, however. Merely visit the outlook sign up page and proceed to click on create Free account.

Clicking here will take you to the account creating page. The create account page will be in the shape of a form asking you to fill in personal details. The first step is picking out your email address. The new outlook email allows you to pick from three domain names. You can choose the classic or, and you can also go with the new

The next step is selecting a valid password and then just enter the captcha image to create your account successfully.

Should I Create An Outlook Account Instead?

Creating an outlook account will offer no massive differences. Hotmail has been effectively replaced by outlook and users that had old Hotmail accounts were automatically shifted to the new outlook experience.

Choosing a different domain name will not create a different experience for you; you’ll get the same features as someone with an outlook account will get regardless of your domain name.

Outlook is the second coming of Hotmail. Its inception was necessary to continue competing with Gmail. With Outlook it finally feels like Microsoft isn’t lagging as much.


How to crear cuenta Hotmail?

Discover all the benefits of using Outlook by opting to crear cuenta Hotmail. With these simple steps that you will see below, you can have an email that will never disappoint you. Do you not know the best way to crear cuenta Hotmail? Then you need to have the following useful information.

how enter in hotmail

How to create cuenta Hotmail step by step

Crear cuenta Hotmail means, in simple words, creating an account in The latter is the platform that absorbed all the Hotmail messaging services and its owner is Microsoft. To be able to access the creation of this email you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. The first thing you should do is access to the Microsoft account creation page. To do this, you can click
  2. Once this is done, a small form should appear in front of you where you can write your account information. Since you do not have such data, you will have to click on the “create one” option.
  3. Once the above is done, you will be able to see a form with all the information you need to deliver to Outlook. Among this information you will have to specify the following:
  • Name and surname.
  • The username, which will be the name of your email. In this section, if you want a Hotmail account, you will have to press the little arrow at the end of this tab. There, choose the option “”.
  • Password to access your email.
  • Country or region in which you live.
  • Your phone number to keep your personal data more secure.
  1. Once all these data are provided and there is no problem, you must click on continue or next.
  2. An Outlook welcome window should now appear on your screen. Just click on the arrow that will appear on the right side to continue advancing.
  3. You will have to specify the language and time zone of your country. Also, you will have to choose one of the themes shown there.
  4. From here you can add a signature that will be writing each time you send an email.
  5. The type of calendar will also be something that you can choose in these windows.
  6. Once all this Outlook configuration is finished, you will have to click on continue or next.
  7. Finally, you will already have access to your Hotmail account in Outlook. It’s time to send and receive emails!

How to crear cuenta Hotmail without a phone

If you followed the previously mentioned steps to crear una cuenta Hotmail, you will have found out that you need a cell phone. More specifically, you need a phone number to register with Hotmail. Is this being the case, what happens if I do not have a cell phone number? Well, no problem, you can still register in Outlook by following these steps:

  1. Follow the steps previously mentioned from number 1 to 3.
  2. Try to leave the phone number field blank and continue the registration process in Hotmail.
  3. In case you cannot keep moving without the number, borrow a cell phone from someone close to you.
  4. Copy that number obtained and, once the process is finished, go to the adjustment section of Outlook.
  5. Once there, look for the options to edit and delete the phone number you previously placed.

Although it is possible to have a Hotmail account without a cellphone, the truth is that it is not recommended to carry out this action. If you do not have a phone, your Hotmail account is more likely to be hacked without you knowing it. In other words, you would enjoy much less security when using the internet.

Recommendations to crear cuenta Hotmail

Broadly speaking you already know how to create an account in Outlook. However, this does not indicate that you know everything necessary about the creation of this kind of accounts. Therefore, to complete all your knowledge on the subject, take into account the following recommendations to crear una cuenta Hotmail:

  • When choosing a password for Hotmail, make sure it is not easy to guess. The system of Outlook will require that your password contains a series of minimum parameters. So, take advantage of this to create an impenetrable password.
  • Choose a username or email name that contains your full name and surname. Leave nicknames aside as it does not look professional at all. Remember that your mail will be the way that everyone knows you and contacts you.
  • Have a little patience with Microsoft’s Outlook platform. Being so old, this platform may present more problems than other email platforms. It is recommended that you use this virtual mail informally.
  • Once you have created your Hotmail, explore the entire platform and learn its most secret tricks. This way you can get the most out of the Hotmail and Outlook account.
  • Always remember if you are going to crear una cuenta Hotmail make sure that you really need it and with the posthumous purpose of using it. It’s no use having all your data on the internet if you’re not going to take advantage of it, do not you think?

How many Hotmail accounts can I have?

Although it is a somewhat obvious question, it is really worth answering it to clarify the greatest amount of doubts. And, realistically speaking, you can create as many Hotmail accounts as you wish. There is no account limit unless you use them for illegal actions. If so, all your accounts would be blocked and you would be banned from the Outlook platform.

Generally, people do not create more than two email accounts which are the ones that they always use. Even so, if you want to create many more Outlook email accounts, you can follow the steps explained again and again.

How to create Hotmail account massively

Do you need to create many accounts in Hotmail and do not really want to create one by one? Well, interestingly, there is a way to crear cuentas Hotmail massively. You will simply have to follow the steps listed below:

  1. Download the program for AccountStream computers and install it on the same computer. For this, you will have to click on the executable of the program and leave the license information blank. This, of course, when it be to request it.
  2. Having correctly installed the program, when you access it, you will see a simple window. In the upper right part of it, you will have a tab to place the number of accounts to create.
  3. Click on the “OK” button on the platform and go to the folder where the installation files were located.
  4. In this folder, you will find the file named “Session Accounts” and click on it. There you will see the main data of all the accounts that you have created for Hotmail.

Very simple, do not you think? It is not recommended to create more than 3 email accounts per day. This is the particular case of this application to crear cuentas de Hotmail, since otherwise, you would block the IP of your computer.

Tips when using an Outlook account

Finally, there is no more that can be added except for the above said to explore your Outlook account. To help you with this action, below you will see the most incredible tricks when using a Hotmail account. These tricks will help you optimize this newly created email in a better way. Do not stop knowing the tricks then:

  • Choose to use the keyboard shortcuts that Outlook puts at your disposal. These same turn out to be:
  • Ctrl + R, a shortcut that will allow you to answer an email.
  • Alt + W, with this you can change your view of the weekly calendar or go to the next email.
  • Ctrl + M, to send the email once its writing is finished.
  • Alt + R, a pattern that allows you to answer everyone in Outlook mail.
  • Ctrl + G, this shortcut sends you directly to the “go to date” box of the calendar.
  • Outlook has the option of placing quick elements in its initial configuration. These elements could speed up the writing of your emails. To do this, you will only have to highlight the text to be saved and then press ALT + F3. You put a generic name to that text saved and ready.
  • If your Hotmail receives many emails simultaneously, it is normal not to find a particular mail. To solve this problem Hotmail and Outlook have an effective way to group messages. You just have to go to the “View” tab and then the “show as conversations” option. Finally, you will have to click on “organize by” and then “see configuration”. There you can modify how you want to classify all your emails.
  • Block all unwanted emails permanently by following these steps:
  • Go to the “start” tab and select the “spam” option.
  • There you will have to click on the “properties” option, and you will specify what content is trash and what content is not.
  • If you press the Ctrl, Shift and N keys at the same time, you can place sticky notes on your Outlook screen. These are also known as “Post-It” and can help you organize your Outlook inbox.

So, ready to get the most out of your new Outlook email account?