How can I add or remove folders in Favorites?

For most of the users, Outlook is just an email application which is used for sending and receiving email messages. However, it is much more than this. Microsoft Outlook can be defined as an email client provided by Microsoft Corporation. The world-famous company created this free webmail service for the purposes of being a manager of personal information and also a stand-alone application. Additionally, it has the ability to operate in conjunction with other Microsoft services, such as the Microsoft Exchange Server.

And if that was little, it has the ability to manage a wide range of useful tools such as contact lists, management tasks, schedule calendars, any kind of document, and so on. This email application also lets you communicate via phone support, among others. However, one of the most important features is the ability to remove folders in Favorites. In the present case, we are going to describe some interesting aspects of this helpful feature.

What should I know about removing folders in Favorites?

I think it is a good idea to start by defining what Favorites are. It is possible to define Favorites as a section that can be found in the Folder Pane and allows users keep used mail folders available in the easiest way possible. With this section, you are not required to scroll through all your email account to look for a file that can be hidden on the site. You have a wide range of options for adding or removing folders to the special section. Of course, you will choose the best option based on your personal needs.

To do so, you have the option of selecting the folder you want to add and dragging to the special section. However, you have to take into consideration that you will not be allowed to remove a folder this way. The other option you have for adding or removing is by clicking the Show in Favorites button or the Remove from Favorites button.

The last option you have for adding or removing in the Favorites section is as follows: look for the Folder Pane and select the folder you are interested in adding and select the Folder option. After doing so, you are required to find the Favorite group and select the Show in Favorites option. Keep in mind that the added folder will be included in the special section at the same time the ribbon command will be highlighted.

Other important aspects of adding or removing folders in the Favorites section

If you are interested in adding a folder to the Favorites section, you have to take into account that it will be a shortcut to the folder. In other words, the current file has to remain at the previous position in the folder list. If you need to remove a folder, you have to take into account that you will not delete the folder or its content, that is to say, you will just remove the shortcut that is included in the Favorites section. It is also important to mention that if you add a new folder to the Favorites section, it will appear at the bottom of the section.

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