How import email, contacts and calendars from an outlook

What is a .pst file for Outlook?

To be able to fully understand what we are going to talk about next you need to know exactly what a.pts file is, and what benefits and risks it represents in your Hotmail account.

What these files have as a goal is to work as a way for you to save in storage all your email and any important attachment you have received in this place. It’s especially helpful since it creates a kind of online archive where you won’t be able to store everything that it’s important, and then you can even import when you need to do it.

These files are created as a form of backup from everything you have in this account, it doesn’t remove them from your account but it creates a copy where they will be safe, and all of this very important if something happens to your computer, and you happen to lose everything you had that mattered to you.Their sole existence is for you to keep working like nothing is wrong and for you to not worry about any risk that could get to your computer.

But even if they are a way to keep your important information safe, you shouldn’t rely on something like this, yes keep saving anything, but don’t lower the amount of security or precaution you used to take before. One thing is being cautious; the other is just being reckless.

Why would you need to import something from one of these files?

There are a couple of scenarios that could be the reason why you would want to import anything from one of these files. The most common one is you need to import them because you are changing your PC and you need to recover them.

Or maybe you just want to recover some of the most important emails that you have archived in there. Below we will show you exactly what you need to do to be able to recover everything or some simple files in a couple of small steps.

How to import e-mail, contacts, and calendar from an outlook .pst file

If what you want is to import only a small number of documents or information from one of these files, the only thing that you have to do to complete this task is simply to drag and drop whatever file that you need from one of these files to the place you want them to go, it’s just that simple and it doesn’t take that much time.

Now that you know how to import all the information from these files to another device. You should be aware of what you will not be able to keep in there, and for this same reason will not be able to recover if something happens, and that is things in your account like folder properties that include things like view, permissions, and certain setting that you decide to adjust in your account, like the blocked senders.  So you will have to do this all over again if there comes the time to do it.