How to Change Skype Name

It is not uncommon to first sign up with a fancy and clever username only to regret after some time down the road.  Most people get embarrassed when they are invited to use it in a formal setting like a job interview. If you are caught up in a situation where you need to change the impression on you, do not worry as changing your Skype name is possible. You may change the Skype name on a different platform such as Windows and Mac. Skype mobile app is the most common followed by Skype on the web, and Skype for business.

Skype acknowledged the need to make such changes and devised ways to allow its users to change their names. If you do not have an appealing name or image, you will not be confident enough to use the account. For this reason, the company ensured that users can have their chance to make the, therefore, helps to support their choices. If you need to change your Skype name today, you need to consider the details of your Microsoft account too. The two have been linked and work together hence affecting the process of changing names slightly. Before you expose an undesirable name on your job interview, consider the options on how to change Skype name.

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Overview Skype change name

Note that your Skype name varies from your Skype username. This means you will be allowed to change the display name any time, for other users who communicate with you. The Skype username is the email address used to create the Outlook account. Microsoft acquired Skype back in 2011 hence the connection with your Microsoft account. You may also customize the username/ID only. All you need to do is change the email address connecting the account with the Hotmail account.  If you signed up for your Skype account prior to acquiring a Microsoft account, you will have a non-email-based name. This username will not be changed at all unless you create the new account altogether and lose existing contact. Here are the guidelines on how to make changes to the Skype name in Windows and Mac computers.

How to change Skype Display name on Windows and Mac

Note that changing the display name can be as easy as opening the app and selecting the name. If you are using Skype on Windows or Mac Pc, you need to follow these instructions for a smooth process of change

Open the Skype app

1.    Select the Skype profile image on the top-left corner of your screen

2.    Find and click the Skype display name

3.    On the space provided, type your desired name

4.    Press Enter to save. You may alternatively check the box on the right-hand side of the text box.

If you want to use the Skype website, you can necessitate the changes in the following ways:

1.    Launch the web browser and choose

2.    Select your name in the top-right corner

3.    On the drop-down menu appearing, select My Account

4.    Go to ‘edit profile’, which is located on the bottom left of your screen

5.    Select ‘edit profile’ again

Change the name and click save

Something to note about the Skype website is that it forces you to enter your last name as well. You may want to change the Skype display name into a single word. It would be better to follow the former guideline. The desktop app would be more beneficial than on the website. If you want to enter the first name you need a workaround like entering the special character of your choice in the last name.

How to change the Skype Display Name on Mobile

How to change the Skype Display Name on Mobile

1.    Open the Skype app

2.    Tap the Skype profile image on the top page

3.    Select the Skype display name and then the ‘edit’ icon appearing close to the display name

4.    Type in your desired name

5.    Tap on ‘done’ or select the checkmark on the right-hand side to complete and save.

Notice that the whole process is meant to change the Skype display name only. Your Skype username/ID remains the same and unaltered. What your friends and other users see is what changes. This means that your job interviewer will view the new name when they connect with you. Once your display name is saved in their contacts, they will view the new look in image and name later.

How to change the Skype username

Note that with only one email address, it is not possible to make the changes. It will not be practical thanks to the limitations of a single email address. If therefore, you fear changing the Skype email address and losing people on Skype, you should not consider this. Changing the Skype username/ID requires changing the email address linked to it. This process may de-link you from crucial contacts making it difficult for them to find you. Here are the instructions

  1. Launch the browser and
  2. Select the name in the top-right corner
  3. Under the drop-down menu appearing, select My Account
  4. Find the Contact details and click ‘edit profile’
  5. Type in your desired new address in the email address box
  6. Select save on the top right corner
  7. Click OK to confirm

Remember that this method works only for Skype usernames created after Microsoft accounts were linked. Since the usernames will not be displayed, there is no much difference or complication generated.

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