How to find people and contacts in Hotmail

Some people do not remember that the Windows Live Hotmail service was acquired by Microsoft Corporation and rebranded as, but it is important to know this. After acquiring this free email service, the company introduced many positive changes to in order to provide users with more useful features. However, the previous version of offered calendars, virus scanning, spam filters, contacts, and the ability to receive and send email messages.

Furthermore, this free email service can also be considered as a personal information management that was created with the goal of operating as a mail client and in conjunction with many other Microsoft products such as the Microsoft Exchange Server. also has the ability to let you share information through public folders, internet connectivity, among others. However, one of the most important features is the ability to find people and contacts in your email account.

Outlook inbox

What should I know about finding people and contacts in my email account?

Even if you have an incredible number of contacts in your email account, it is possible that you want to look for a contact instead of scrolling through an incredibly long list. Looking for a contact by scrolling through a whole contact list can be very bothersome, so you have many options for searching for people and contacts in your email account.

You should be aware that there is a wide range of options available for searching for contacts. For instance, you are allowed to use the Search People box that let you look for contacts, type new email messages, meet, search in the People Pane, and so on. In case you do not know what the People Pane is, it is also known as the Contacts folder.

Search people in Hotmail

How to find a contact by using the Search People box?

I highly recommend you to choose this option for finding contacts because it is considered the easiest way to do it. The first you have to do is to locate your cursor in the Search People box and type the first letters of the person´s first name you need to find or his/her email address. After doing this, the platform will refine the search on an ongoing basis. For instance, if you enter the letter R, the platform will return matches such as Ralph or Randy. If you enter Ran, the platform will refine the search to Randy.

How to look for a contact while composing a new email message?

In case you do not know yet if you tap or Bcc options, the platform will automatically display the address book. In the case of Office 365 and Exchange accounts, this is your Global Address list. In the case of IMAP and POP accounts, this is your Contact folder (also known as the People Pane.) When you have many contact folders, you have the option of using the drop-down in order to select one of them. By doing so, you will be allowed to check an alphabetized contact list.

If you are interested in searching, enter some letters of the person’s name in the Search box and then tap the GO button. Apart from this, you are allowed to choose the More button in order to find people and contacts in other fields, such as phone number, location, among others. Once the platform returns contact list, select the person you need to include to the To box. Another option you have for adding a contact is by selecting it and clicking the To button.

Search people in Hotmail

How to search a contact in the People Pane?

The first thing to do is to look for the People button. In case you do not find it, go to the bottom of your screen´s computer. Now, you have to position your cursor in the Search Hotmail Contacts box. Before you continue, it is very important for you to know that the Search Contacts box is completely different to the Search People box. Now, enter the contact’s name you need to look for. Take into account that you are allowed to look for complete or partial information. You have the option of entering the whole name or some letters.

After following the preceding instructions, the platform will display your search results, including the contact photo, email address, phone numbers, among others. Finally, you can select the contact you want to add.