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How to recall or replace an email message sent by you

At present, is considered as one of the most famous free webmail services around the world. This service provided by Microsoft Corporation offers users many incredible features such as unlimited storage without any cost, connections to social networking platforms, spam filters, management tasks, mobile access, contact lists, the ability to sync with mobile devices, a schedule calendar, and so on. Due to its awesome features, it is also considered as a management of personal information.

Even if this is one of the most famous free email services, it was not always known as By 1996, Windows Live Hotmail was acquired by Microsoft Corporation and renamed as After renaming this email service, Microsoft introduced many new features, including the ability to replace an e-mail that users sent. In this article, I am going to develop this theme.

What should I know about replacing or recalling a message that I sent?

When you send mail, they will be retrieved from the mailboxes of those who do not check them. If the user who received your e-mail has not opened it, you have the ability to replace it. Apart from this, you also have the ability to substitute replacement message without any problem. For instance, if you did not include a very important file, you are allowed to retract this specific mail. After doing so, you can send a replacement mail that includes the file.

How to recall and replace an email?

First of all, you have to look for the Sent Items folder and then find the e-mail that you are interested in recalling. Look for Actions and tap Recall This Message option. If you do not find this option, it is probable that you are not allowed to use this tool. Now, select the Delete unread copies of this message option, if you do not want that the recipient has the possibility to read the message. If you want to replace the mail you have to select the Delete unread copies of this email and replace with a new message option.

After following these instructions, tap the OK option. Now, if you want to send a replacement email, type it and select the Send option. As you can see, it is a very easy process.

To check on the recall

If you are interested in checking if message recalls have been successful, you have to take into account that the success is entirely based on the recipientĀ“s settings in his/her account.Ā  For instance, if you recall an email, it is possible that the previous mail and the recall one will be received in the same inbox. Of course, this is one of the worst-case scenarios that could arise.

Another possibility is that you send an e-mail and recall it. If the first mail and the replacement one are in two different folders, it is possible that the recipient receives a message saying that someone tried to send him/her a recall message, but the action could not be completed.