How to use your Outlook account to connect to your exchange server without having VPN

As you may know, the previous name of Outlook was Hotmail. Some years ago, Microsoft Corporation acquired msn Hotmail and renamed it as Outlook, but it is the same webmail service. For many people, they are different one form each other, but this is not true, Outlook is just one a modern version of Hotmail, but changes introduced by Microsoft Corporation were not many, except for some new features that were added to the new version, but the service is the same for existing users.

In those times, Hotmail was one the first email services, but it had to introduce new changes. Nowadays, outlook continues to be an email service, but it is much more than that. For instance, it can be considered as a management of personal information due to its new features, including a calendar, management tasks, contacts, and so on. In addition to this, it has the possibility to be synchronized with mobile phones, such as Windows Phone devices. As you can see, it is not only an email service.

How to connect your exchange server without VPN by using your Outlook account

First of all, you have to take into consideration that some versions of Outlook are allowed to communicate with Microsoft Exchange Server thanks to RPC (remote procedure call.) If you are interesting in communicating with the Exchange Server by using RPC, you will not have any problem, because this is an excellent method to do so. But, you have to take into consideration that you are now allowed to be outside of the local area network.

Taking into account the above, if you are at home, you will be required to have a virtual private connection (VPN.) This kind of connection gives you the possibility to connect with an organization´s firewall. Apart from this, it also let you get access to many services. If you need to sign in to your Outlook account, you need to use a wide range of network services, which is not possible in many cases. If you need to get access remotely, you need to use a specific kind of program, such as Outlook Anywhere.

How to use Outlook Anywhere?

If you want to use Outlook Anywhere, you have to do some important things. First, you are required to have your email address hosted on some specific kinds of servers. If this is not the case, you will waste your time, so make sure that your Outlook account is hosted on one of these servers that are required. Apart from this, the server has to be configured with the main goal of accepting connections through HTTP. For this reason, you have to be very sure that how to configure this server.

Furthermore, you are required to install a SSL certificate in order to perform this service in the best way possible. If you do not follow these instructions, you will not be able to enjoy this Microsoft service. So, be careful. The good thing is that you just have to install this program and that is all.

How to use Outlook Anywhere in Outlook

In some version of this email service, some administrators have the ability to configure copies required for use Outlook Anywhere, or even offer script files with the main goal of allowing the use of this awesome feature in the easiest way possible. Apart from this, you are allowed to configure it if the platform allows it and the user have the specific URL.

In other versions, you do not have the possibility to perform this feature manually. By the same, it is required to wait for administrators. They have to configure the service to make available for your email account, but it is one of the most difficult methods to do so. If you need more information about, we recommend you to look for issues related to Autodiscover Service and version of outlook that are required to do this process.

If you want to do this process manually, you have to tap the File option and look for the Account Settings option. After doing so, you are required to tap the Exchange Account option, and then tap Change. Later, you have to look for the Connection option. Tap Exchange Proxy Settigs.