Hotmail Outlook

Manage your email messages by using rules

Outlook is an information manager created by Microsoft Corporation, which is an important part of the Microsoft product range. Sometimes, it can be used as an email service and includes some interesting features like task manager, calendar, web browsing, and more. But, Microsoft Outlook is more than this. Many people use it as a stand-alone application or even combine it with other services in order to take a maximum advantage of this email service.

Apart from that, Microsoft has launched mobile apps for mobile operating systems, such as IOS and Android. Developers have the ability to design their own customized program that can work with Outlook and other Microsoft services. It is important to mention that some brands have the possibility to sync all data to Outlook Mobile. Now, I am going to explain how you can manage e-mail messages by using some rules.

How your email can be managed

First, it is important to know that Outlook has introduced many new features, including rules. These actions are capable of running on incoming email messages. You as the user have to choose what triggers rule and the actions they take. For instance, you have the ability to create a rule with the goal of moving all your e-mail messages to a new folder or just delete them. You also have a By now option, so you can delete all these email messages permanently or not.

With these rule, you are allowed to reduce many actions that are required to manage email messages. You have to take into account that rules are capable of running a very easy way if you turn on them. It is also important to know that they are classified by organization and notification. In addition to this, you have the possibility to use the Rules Wizard option in order to manage your e-mail messages by using these rules.

Kinds of rules

  1. Stay organized: with the use of this kind of rules, you have the ability to file all your e-mail messages and follow-up with them without any problem. You also have the ability to create the rule for specific messages.
  2. Stay Up to Date: they have the function of notifying you when you have received a specific kind of messages. As with the previous kind of rules, you also have the ability to create a rule. For instance, they can send messages to mobile phones when you receive messages from family members or friends.
  3. Star from a blank rule: if you are interested in creating and customizing without templates, this kind of rule is perfect for you. They are the simplest kind of rules because they do not allow you to make many changes.

How to create a rule

Firstly, you have to log into your Outlook account and go to the Choose Rules section, then select the Manage Rules & Alerts option. When you are in the dialog box, you have to tap the New Rule button. After doing so, you are required to select one of the three kinds of rule. Now, you have to edit the rule description.