Premium outlook features for office 365 subscribers

As long time Outlook users, you might have thought about taking a chance and paying for the Premium account but maybe ended up deciding that you don’t know enough to do it, or maybe you think that the extra features will not be worth. So what we are going to do now is list out every little feature that the premium account includes, so you can decide for yourself if you are willing to pay for this things after this.

Features in the Outlook 365 Premium account

What you need to remember if that all the features that we will be showing you below, you will only be able to get access to them if you have both an Office 365 Home and Office 365 Personal subscription. And all the benefits will come to those who have an Outlook mail account synch up with the subscription, and the process will take some time to complete the upgrade, so you will not be able to see the difference and features the moment you have gotten it, but the wait will be worth it.

Below we will show you all the special features you will get when you get the Premium Outlook account as an Office 365 subscribers:

  • The security for your email account will be more advanced after getting the premium version, since it comes with certain security tools, apart from the ones that the free version already includes who have as a goal to protect you from phishing and any incoming malware.
  • If you have used the platform before, you know that the ads can be a little annoying, when you get the premium version these ads will be completely removed, so this way you’ll be able to work in a quicker, smoother way since everything will be able to load more quickly and you will not be constantly distracted by these ads.
  • If what you need is more storage space, after you’ve completely run out of the smaller amount of GB that you had access before, there is a benefit for you by getting this premium version since you’ll have access to around 50 GB of email storage that you can use from the moment that you get the premium version. So in here, you’ll be able to save up a whole lot more things than you used to before.
  • You will also get a better customer support, so whenever you need to contact this company you’ll get some of the best and most capable people that they will be able to provide you, so you won’t have any problem when you need to resolve your problems.
  • Something that people love about this is the fact that you can invite up to at least 4 other users if you have an Office 365 Home subscription, so this way other people will be able to see the benefits and try them out. And hopefully, after this, they will be willing to get this for themselves.
  • Also if you get this make sure that if you keep your subscription on time, not let it expire, since if you cancel it or it expires you will still have access to your Outlook account, but you will no longer have access to these special features since they will all be completely deactivated, until this is fixed.

Is it worth it to pay for this premium account?

After reading this you might have made your decision, but if you haven’t you might want to think about it for a little longer, we cannot tell you if it will be worth it for you we think they are worth it but the only one that can make the decision to pay for something like this.

So take a little moment to see if the upgrades outweigh whatever it is that you think it’s a negative about this upgrade, and there will be no problem if you choose to stay with the free version since the goal of this was not convince you to completely change what you had, but to inform you of what you might be losing, and what you could get if you really want it. But we think that if you choose to do this you will not regret it.