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Set a password to protect your hotmail / outlook information

If you really rely on Outlook to keep all your information completely safe, especially from things like the intrusion of other people that uses the same computer than you. A very good way to keep your Hotmail information even safer than it used to be before, is with the use of a password, which can be set up for an Outlook Data file (also known as .pst file).

So this way if someone enters Outlook, your account might still be open, whenever you want open any kind of file in there a little box will show up on screen and you will have to type the password you chose.


What is a .pst file

We think that to be able to fully understand what we are gonna try to explain to you below, you need to know what a .pst file is, maybe you already so we will try to explain what they are to those who didn’t know as quickly and in the simplest way that we can think of. So this way you will be able to do what we will explain below, and do it as a way to keep your Hotmail information protected.

So the simplest way to explain the .pst file is to say that it’s a backup, or kind of an archive where you can save all your Hotmail information and keep it safe, and protect it in case you have to move computers or your computer doesn’t work anymore.

Set or change the password for a .pst file

So to be able to create this password on a .pst file you will have to follow the steps that we will list below. Something you can do is change the password every once in a while so there is no chance for somebody to find what it is.

  • The first thing that you need to do is Open Outlook, and go to the File tab and click on Accounts settings.
  • After that go to the Data files tab, and click on the Outlook Data file (.pst) that you want to create a password for and then click on Settings.
  • And then all you have to do is click on the little Change password, and after that you will see a little window that will open, in there you will write down the password that you created in both the new password and Verify password box.
  • And after you are done with this simply click on the Ok button and you will be completely done.

What you need to make sure when you do this, is to create a safe password, so this way nobody will be able to figure it out and will not get access to your important information. You can do this by making sure that the password has numbers or symbols, and they are things that nobody will guess, so nothing like names of people you know, or birth dates of people you know. So if you make sure to follow this tips you will be fine.

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