Set a time zone in for a meeting or appointment in Outlook for Mac

If you ever end up working for a company, creating the appointments and all the important meetings might be a little difficult, since when it’s a big company you will have to attend meetings with overseas clients, this means that not all the time you will be able to meet face to face and you’ll have to accommodate to the hour of the other person.

For this reason, you need to be able to set a different hour in your outlook account, so it will let you know when the time comes for the meeting to start. Whether that is through apps like Skype or just email.

How to set a time zone for a meeting or appointment in Outlook for Mac

If you’ve never done this before, it might seem like a very difficult task, but that’s not the case at all. You will only have to follow some simple steps and you’ll be able to do this incredibly fast. Everything is so incredibly easy to follow through and this is also a very helpful ability to have since you’ll immediately know when he appoints will be in that time zone in a second without having to calculate yourself.

The steps you need to follow

Whenever you decide to create a new event in your Outlook calendar, this platform will set that up according to the time zone you’ve chosen for your account, so you can go to the settings and choose a different zone from another place, and whenever you choose to create an event it will ask you whenever you do it which one of the different zone this needs to follow and it will adjust to the time there.

If you don’t have the two hours in your calendar, you can simply click on the ‘meetings tab’ and the different time selector will open immediately and there you can choose on the specific time zone, after that you also have an option to set up a timer to go off a few minutes before the hour of meeting comes, so you’ll never be able to miss out on whatever you have to attend to.

Also when you travel and have anything important there you can change the hour zone on your computer, and the calendar will immediately synch up and adjust the different hour of wherever you are. So if you are one of those people constantly traveling for work, you need to learn how to do this, since by doing this you’ll be able to keep track of everything important for your work.

This will also be great for whenever you receive an invitation via mail from another outlook user, if you decide to accept it, it will check the hour and place where this event is and will adjust it to your zone time or their time zone without you even having to think. So this way you’ll be able to check if you have something scheduled at the exact same hour.

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