Set or remove reminders in Hotmail Calendar

Set or remove reminders

If you didn’t know about this before, the hotmail platform allows you to set reminders, in things like your calendar, appointments, meetings you have created before, to even e mail messages that come from a specific contact in your list. So thanks to this you will not miss anything important in this platform.

So if you really rely on this platform to write down, send and receive all the information you need to work, this reminders will make it easier for you to keep tabs of everything that you need to do, not only with things like meetings but also with things like important emails that you need to remember to send later. So what we are going to do below is show you exactly how you can set up all this reminders

Set or remove reminders for appointments and meetings

  • The first thing that you need to do to set a reminder in new appointment is go to the bottom of the screen and click on the little button that says‘Calendar’, if you don’t see it, you will see a little icon of a calendar.
  • Sometimes this comes with default reminders, so you can remove the reminder by turning it off for the appointments or meetings. You can do this by going on Calendar Options and select if you want to set the reminder on, or clear the little box that says Default reminders if you don’t want them.
  • If you check the box you just have to enter how long before the appointment or meeting, you want the reminder to come on. And just like that you are done.
  • If you want to set a reminder to an appointment that was already created, the first thing you need to do is open the appointment and click on Appointment or Meeting Occurrence, depending on what it is.
  • And after that click on little box where the time of the reminder will be. And if you don’t want the reminder just remove it. And just like that you will be done.

Set or remove reminders for e mail messages

At some point you might want to set a reminder to an email messages below we will show you exactly what you need to do to be able to complete this task in a very quick way:

  • Open your hotmail account and go to the email section, the same that you would do in a normal day. Go to the button on the bottom of the screen that has a little mail icon.
  • Then go to the home tap, and click on Follow Up and immediately after that click on the option of the drop down list that says Add Reminder.
  • After that a little box will show up and you will have to either check the box or completely clear it if you don’t want to get the reminder. If you end up checking the box simply enter the date and the time for when you want the reminder to appear. And after that you only click on ok. And just like you will be done.

Why should you set up these reminders in all your appointments?

These feature in particular will be amazing for those people that tend to write every little thing, and every important appoint down, and even when they do that they end up forgetting it.

So thanks to this you can set a reminder to come whenever the time is coming to go to the appoint or meeting, but you can also put them to come up at least around an hour before you have to do this, and this way if you have some kind of presentation, you’ll have the time to prepare and make sure that you have everything in order to start.

So after reading the article, now that you know exactly what to do, you can take a chance and hopefully this will make your work more productive, even if it is just a little bit since thanks to this you will feel more prepared to anything that you do. And it’s also a great for you to organize not only yourself but also your co workers whenever you have to do a group project.