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If you are a long time Gmail user you might not know that the Outlook platform offers their users an email service. And those who have never used it before, might not be really interested in switching from one to the other. But what this article has a goal to tell you what you need to know if you are planning to do that.

We might not be able to convince you if you haven’t really considered it before, but we will do our best in showing you what makes Hotmail stand out from Gmail and hopefully we will make you consider it a little bit, we will show you all the differences and things that Outlook does better and then you can choose which one is the best for you.

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Differences between Outlook and Gmail

Below we will name some of the most noticeable differences between these two platforms, so if you decide to switch to the Mail platform you will know what to look out for, and if you are deciding whether or not to make the switch this might help you decide:

  • In both platforms, you can organize your messages in the way that you want but in Outlook you will do it by using Folders to separate everything, and in Gmail you use labels
  • In Inbox, you can make some things automatic actions on messages with filters and Rules, while in Gmail there are already pre-defined categories and the incoming messages will also be filtered.
  • Something that people love in Hotmail is the fact that you can create all the different Categories that you will need certain emails to go, but in Gmail, these categories are already created before, so you will not be able to add another one.
  • Whenever you want to share an attachment you can simply drag it to the message you are creating in the Live Account, but in the Gmail account you can share things like this but you will have to send them a link to the files that are stored in your Drive.
  • One thing that both of this platforms have in common is the fact that you can get another user attention by using mentions with the @ symbol. This is done by simply using the symbol and then writing the first few letters of the user’s name and you will be shown a list, so if they are in your contacts you will be able to find them even faster through this.
  • And the way that you can keep your inbox clean, is the same for both of this platforms, by simply deleting the messages that are not important anymore to you, and remove the ones that are necessary from the inbox, by simply moving them to the archive with one simple click of a button. So this way you’ll be able to get access to them whenever you need to but it will not be in the way when you just enter the inbox.
  • The biggest difference is where you can download this app, in the Gmail you can only use it through your browser, and your iOS or Android, while the Outlook Mail you can use them in the same ones but also on Windows and Mac devices.

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