How to change outlook password

When you feel vulnerable or infiltrated, the first thing you think about is to change your password. Compromising your password means exposing all your personal information to an unauthorized person. Not only do you risk exposing the most sensitive and private information but also losing access in case the person changes the password. You would rather change the password than share it with someone you are not sure about. It is meant to be personal in the first place anyway, so make sure it is kept private at all times.

How to change outlook password


There are two options available to change or update the password to your email account. These are in outlook and with the email provider (such as Office 365, Gmail, iCloud, and Yahoo among others). This means you will be changing your password in more than one place. Changing the password in two places is necessary because there are two things involved for email access. Here they are:

1.    An account, which comes with an email provider like 365 or iCloud

2.    An application to display the email messages and allow the user to read and reply to the messages

After you change the password, you will change your password with the email provide and update it in outlook

When should one change the Outlook password?

There are several circumstances that can lead to your decision to change the account’s password. However, you should be balanced to avoid shifting the password every time you want to do it. This way, you are likely to lose count and the particular changes you made. To avoid confusion, keep your password a secret to yourself. If you still want to change the password, check the threshold of your security levels before you proceed to change it. Here are some of the main reasons you should consider to make an informed decision on changing account passwords;

1.    If you suspect that someone has stolen or gained access to the account

2.    If the email provider delivers a password reset link

3.    If you forget the password to your account

Updating the password in Outlook

Outlook does not allow changing passwords with the email provider. This means that if you forget it, you follow a longer process, which includes setting a password for an Outlook Data File (.pst). Outlook is one of the few email accounts with this type of format to store your data. Other accounts such as Office 365 and exchange accounts alongside other POP and IMAP options are designed with Offline Outlook Data Files. Beware that if you set a password on the data file and forget the password there is no way to retrieve it

Outlook for Windows

Here are the steps you need to perform the change on your Windows P.C:

1.    Select File then Account Settings

2.    Update the password and tap on OK to complete

This should be easy for those with Office 365 subscriptions and monthly updates. If you have a semi-annual plan (with outlook versions from 2010 to 2019) or a purchased outlook and standalone application, here are the steps to follow:

1.    Just like the above guidelines; select File then go to account settings

2.    Choose the appropriate email account you need to make your changes and select ‘change

3.    On the pop-up menu, select update your password

4.    After the testing process is complete, Click Finish and then Close to save changes and return to outlook

For outlook 2007, there are some variations included. Observe the instructions, which are specific to it and avoid any mistakes and frustrations. Check out the differences in the 2007 version:

  1. On File tab
  2. Choose and click on Data File management instead of the traditional ‘Account Settings
  3. Here, locate the data files tab and tap on the Outlook Data File to make the changes on the password, and click settings
  4. Click ‘Change Password’ if you are online because it is inactive whenever you are offline. This extension is listed in the location column. Note that most of the email accounts such as Office 365 and use the rare data file (.ost).
  5. In the dialogue box appearing named ‘change password’, type in the password for the old one. If there is no pre-existing password, you may leave this slot the way it is.

The new password and verify password boxes allow you input your desired new password. It can be as much as 15 characters and case-sensitive

Select Ok to complete

Outlook for Mac

1.    Find the tools tab and choose ‘Accounts’

2.    In the left pane, choose the account you need to make your changes

3.    Enter your desired password on the space found on the right pane

4.    Close the accounts window for the automatic save

Is an App Password necessary?

If you use outlook actively to send messages on other platforms such as Gmail and Yahoo, you may not need the regular email account passwords to set up the accounts. The email providers require two-factor authentication and an app password to complete. It will only a one-time process


Your email account security is of vital importance. If you feel threatened, you should change it as soon as you can to avoid any intrusions and exposure of your sensitive information. Outlook offers various options for you. However, you should beware that if you lose or forget your Microsoft password, there is no recovery option. This means you should be careful enough to protect it.