How to recover a deleted contact in your Hotmail account?

What is We will explain what it is and how it is created. To begin, Microsoft acquired an online application called Windows Live Hotmail and rebranded it as some years later. In those times, Windows Live Hotmail was the first free email service and included a wide range of features, such as the ability to send and receive email messages, virus scanning, very high storage, schedule calendar, and so on. Even if it was renamed, is just a modern version of the Windows Live Hotmail service.

A considerable number of users complained about this acquisition, but there was no reason to complain.  Why do we say so? We say this because Microsoft Corporation introduced numerous positive changes to the free email service. For instance, currently offers contacts lists, management tasks, a more modern calendar, the ability to associate with mobile devices, and the ability to recover deleted contacts in your email account. In the case of the latter one, we are going to explain it what it is about.

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What have I to know about recovering a deleted contact in my email account?

In most cases, you have the option of recovering a deleted contact or a deleted message from your email account. However, it is important to take into consideration that you are now allowed to recover contacts subfolder folders that were been irrevocably deleted. But, you have the possibility to recover deleted subfolder folders in they are in your Deleted Items file.

How to recover a deleted contact in Hotmail?

As I said before, if you are interested in recovering deleted contacts from your email account, they are required to be in your Deleted Items file. If this is not the case, you will not be allowed to recover deleted contacts in Hotmail. If you deleted a contact, you should know that it has to be moved to the Deleted Items file in your mailbox. It is the same with email messages that you also have deleted. For this reason, you have to find this folder and look for the contact you previously deleted. If you find it, you must do the following.

After finding the deleted contact you want to recover, find your email folder list and look for the Deleted Items option. Later, select the Search Deleted Items box for the purpose of finding the contact you need to recover. The other option you have for finding this deleted contact is by pressing CTRL + E. In addition to this, you also have the option of sorting by the Icon column in order to group all your contact in the Deleted Items file.

After following the preceding instructions, find the deleted contact you want to recover, tap the Move option, and then select the Other Folder option. Now, you are required to move the contact back to your contact list, select the Contacts option, and tap the OK button. In case you do not know yet, you are also allowed to move a deleted a contact to a subfolder in your Contacts file.

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Tips you should know about recovering a deleted contact in your Deleted Items file

It is important for you to remember what I said earlier. In case you do not remember, I say it again. After deleting a contact, it is moved to the Deleted Items file and it is possible to find it as a subfolder. In order to recover this subfolder, you are required to select it, tap the Move Folder option, and tap the Contact button. By following the above instructions, this subfolder will be moved back to your Contacts folder. As you can, it is very simple to do it.

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