Hotmail Sign In

Logging into Hotmail or the so-called Hotmail Sign In is really not as difficult to do as it seems. So much less, if one talks about one of the most veteran and excellent email platforms in the world. Do you dare to discover more about this email platform? If so, then be sure to get comfortable and to not stop reading the information below.


How to log in to Hotmail or how to make the Hotmail Sign In

Talking about logging into Hotmail is talking about logging in to the platform known as Outlook. This one is nothing more than a new email service, owned by the Microsoft company. With it, you can have access to a digital environment in which you can send and receive emails. This is not to say that Outlook replaced Hotmail, but rather the latter was absorbed by the former.

The above being said in this way, it is worth wondering how to log in to Outlook. Well, you can do it without any inconvenience by using the following steps:

  1. Access the main Outlook page and look for the login option. Usually, this option is in the upper right part of the window.
  2. Once there, it will ask you to enter your email and then press the “next” button. If you have a phone associated with Hotmail, you can also place it to access your email.
  3. Once pressed, it will ask you to type your password to access your account. Place that information and wait until you can see your entire inbox.

How to create Outlook without Hotmail Sign In

As you could well be appreciated, Sign In Hotmail is something very simple to do and carry out. However, this may change a bit when talking about creating a Hotmail account. It’s just as simple as starting an Outlook session, you just have to do the following:

  1. Search the official Outlook page and access the email login.
  2. In this window, you can search for the option “create new account” or “register” as the case may be. You will have to click on this option to have another window displayed.
  3. Located in the aforementioned window, you will now have to fill out a form with all your personal information. Right there, you can place your username and your email. In the latter case, you can choose what type of email you want to create. If it’s an outlook email, you’ll have to choose the “” option.
  4. Once all the necessary data has been placed, you will have to click on the “next” or “continue” button.
  5. Accept the Hotmail terms and conditions and continue with the process and then access the Hotmail login page.
  6. Arrived here, if you do not want to sign in to Hotmail as such, you will only have to leave the page. This is how you can create a Hotmail without logging in!

How to make Hotmail Sign without Outlook?

There are people who really dislike the new Outlook email platform. Even so, his lifelong mail turns out to be a Hotmail email that is now in the hands of Microsoft. Therefore, in theory, they should access Outlook to access your Hotmail account.

Can I sign in to Hotmail without Outlook? The answer turns out to be totally affirmative. To make Hotmail Sign In without Outlook you will only have to:

  1. Go to the email platform of your choice. In this particular, we recommend the Google E-mail platform, also known as Gmail. You must have an account already created on the email server you have chosen.
  2. Access your non-Hotmail account and, do this, you will have to go to the settings section.
  3. Look for the option to “link account” or something similar and link your Outlook email to another email.

Ready, if you do this perfectly, you can access your Hotmail without using Outlook directly. This can be done more quickly if you have the Google “Gmail” application for smartphones.

Make Sign In Hotmail as another user

It is more than proven that logging into Hotmail for the first time is extremely simple. Now, what happens if you want to change user or Hotmail account on the same computer? Well, for that, you just have to close the session in MSN and then open it with the other desired user. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Access your Hotmail inbox, accessing the Outlook page.
  2. Look for the options section in the upper right part of the window and click on the option to close the session.
  3. Done this, you will see how the window that will appear now will be the same window to log in to Hotmail. In case this window does not appear, you will only have to access it from the official Outlook page.

Problems in Hotmail Sign In

Hotmail is not perfect, being able to include with it several faults or problems when logging in. This makes one wonder the following: Why cannot I log in to MSN Hotmail? The answer to this question may be found in the following points:

  • Not being able to log in with the incorrect password. This is the most common problem for not being able to access Outlook and the best way to solve it is:
  1. Access the Hotmail login page and enter your username.
  2. When the system asks for your password, press the button that says “I forgot my password”.
  3. Here you will see a window with very useful options to request to enter the Hotmail account. Choose the one that best suits you and follows the indications that the platform has for you. Among these options, there is one that consists to send an authentication email to an account associated with your MSN.
  • Have Hotmail open on two different computers. Generally, in these cases, your Hotmail email can be opened under certain conditions, claiming that you have two open sessions. In these cases, it may ask for a way to verify your identity, for which you would have to give your phone number. If you have previously registered it when creating the Hotmail, by placing it, it will be enough to log incorrectly on the platform.
  • The service status is not active. This problem is already typical of the platform and there is no way to solve it by your own actions. What you have to do is wait for Outlook and Hotmail to be active before you can log in. To make sure of that, verify that the Hotmail status in Outlook is green.

For more information or problems related to the login in Outlook, you can go to the help section of Outlook. There you will find all the information you need to know and more to log in to your Hotmail without any inconvenience.

Advantages and recommendations when using Hotmail

Hotmail is one of the oldest email services of today, this being its seal of quality. There are many advantages you can get by opting for the Sign In of Hotmail, among which the following stand out:

  • It is a totally free service that gives you the opportunity to be connected in this new digital world. Keep in mind that currently, it is vital to have an email.
  • You can link any type of Microsoft service such as Xbox Live or SkyDrive to this account. As if that were not enough, you have the possibility of being connected at all times thanks to the MSN applications for Smartphone.
  • Hotmail with Outlook has the most avant-garde systems in terms of security. Thus, the chances that you lose your Outlook session or that someone hacks it are particularly low.
  • The unique features of Hotmail make it more than useful for any occasion. These characteristics include:
  • Play YouTube videos.
  • Be able to receive messages from other email accounts to the Hotmail account.
  • The ability to send up to 10 GB of attachments to anyone.
  • You can customize your account and give it the style that best suits you so that you feel more at ease.
  • It is a very light email provider and does not complicate the existence when you forget your password.
  • As far as the recommendations are concerned, you just have to know the following:
  • Try not to give your MSN password to anyone, as this is the best way to keep your account secure.
  • Keep your inbox properly organized to keep track of the most important emails you receive. For this, Outlook has different tools that will help you manage your Hotmail.
  • Use Hotmail’s post-It to remember short and important information in a matter of seconds. This tool can be activated by entering MSN and pressing the “Ctrl + Shift + N” keys.

Now you can start using Hotmail in the way you want best because here you saw how to do it without inconvenience. It is up to you to get the most out of an e-mail that can be adapted to all your needs. Ready to use Hotmail?