Hotmail Outlook

How to add and request receipts and delivery notifications

By 1996, Windows Live Hotmail was launched by Jack Smith and SabeerBathia and was one of the first free email services in those times. In case you do not know yet, its name was first spelled HoTMaiL, emphasizing the HTML. Next year, it was sold to Microsoft Corporation and renamed as In the beginning, it provided users with many interesting features such as a calendar, virus scanning, spam filters, management tasks, and more.

After renaming this service, Microsoft Corporation released many interesting changes and introduced new features. Even if the company made many changes to the email service, is not very different from Hotmail. In fact, Outlook is a modern version of Hotmail. For this reason, users can make sure that they are the same.

What happened to Hotmail?

As I said before, when Hotmail login page was acquired by Microsoft, the company introduced a wide range of changes to this free email service. For instance, the URL redirects you to the home page for all Microsoft services, such as OneDrive, Skype, and so on. In addition to this, Microsoft provides users with the possibility to update their email accounts and to enjoy all the new features.

Everything you need to know about adding and requesting read receipts and delivery notifications

First and foremost, it is important for you to know that delivery receipts were designed with the main goal of confirming delivery of the sender´s messages to the recipient´s mailbox. However, they are not the ability to confirm delivery of those messages that the recipient previously saw. Receipts confirm that your messages were opened. Apart from this, the recipient has the option of declining to send read receipts. It is also possible that read receipts were not sent to the recipient.

How to tack all sent messages?

Firstly, look for the Options button, and then tap the Mail option. Now you are required to tap the Delivery receipt confirming the message was delivered to the recipient’s e-mail server option. In addition to this, it is important to mention that it is better to track a single message instead of all of them. Keep in mind that some recipients have the option of receiving notifications that read receipts are requested on your messages.

How to track a single message?

In this case, you are required to look for the Request a Delivery Receipt option and tap it. If you do not find this option, you have to look for the Tracking group. In this section, you will find the option you need to select.

If you are interested in tracking responses, you have to locate the first message you sent. If you do not find it, look for the Sent Items option. Then, tap the Message option and select the Tracking button. You have to keep in mind that you will not find the Tracking button if no receipt was received previously. This option will be available when you receive one receipt.