How to Delete Outlook Account

If you want delete Outlook Account you are selling your PC or disposing off it in the sense of giving it to a sibling or friend, you need to change credentials. A Microsoft account holds critical information; from calendars to important business emails. It might also hold private data that you don’t want a second eye on it. This means you cannot share your email account. The only way to protect such data is by securing your outlook account; in this case, deleting it from the PC. You might want to change the automatic hotmail login settings before you delete the account to ensure none ever gets a chance to view your personal data.

Delete Outlook Account

It can be a New Year resolution and you are changing your identity. Also, there is no harm in having multiple Microsoft accounts. If you run multiple devices for work and social activity, you might need multiple Hotmail accounts to avoid mixing play and work. Besides, the 21st century is characterized by identity theft. One of the major risks in the online world today is with malicious parties accessing your data without permission. Therefore, your Microsoft account can easily be compromised. If you are a victim, changing your Microsoft account is not an option because you are vulnerable.

It is necessary to change or delete your Outlook account and this is why Microsoft has no restrictions against this. You can do this as many times as you wish as long as you have a legitimate reason, just make sure you can identify yourself. While this gives a chance to the same malicious people to use accounts with different identities that cannot be traced to them, it is a solution to most legitimate users who report problems with accessing the account.


Accessing your Hotmail account can be as a result of forgetting the password because you rarely get the login page. It is a common issue because most users enable the automatic login feature, hence no need to type the password every time. You might be using your PC every day throughout the year but no prompts to key in your password. In such a case, it is easy to forget. Of course, the easiest and fastest option is to recover or reset the password; however, if you don’t feel it is necessary going back to the same account and you want to start a fresh, deleting is easy. You can also take the option of changing the Microsoft account.


Before deleting your account, you should take care of some loose ends to ensure the account is fully closed and no data can be accessed by anyone including yourself or Microsoft.

  • Check on the Microsoft Billing service; if you have been making any purchases or a subscription is active, you need to disable it before you think of permanently closing your account. Any active subscription automatically blocks the delete process of a Microsoft account.
  • Outlook, Hotmail, and Windows Live are components of Microsoft. You have to close these, one by one before you close the entire Microsoft. It is a process and it has to run subsequently. There is no way of closing Outlook without closing Microsoft, which is the same as Windows Live. This means you have to follow the procedures and adhere to all policies by the provider before clicking on the delete button.
  • If you have any Skype credits, make sure you have utilized them before closing your account. Any credit will automatically disappear on closing of the Microsoft account.
  • If you have any credit cards attached to your Microsoft account, be sure to remove them all. Find out if there are any account balances on Microsoft itself and Xbox; deplete all of it before deleting the account.
  • Before Microsoft processed the request to close an account in 200 days. Today, the process only runs for 60 days. This is enough time to utilize all your account balances and Skype credits instead of wasting it away. Make sure you have checked all the balances and any subscriptions to avoid wasting your “investment.”
  • Remember to pull out all your data. Download any relevant documents, videos or any kind of files before you close the account. In fact, the 60-day period is for allowing you to retrieve all your data because there will be no further prompt or warning before the account closes down permanently. Remember it is a reversible process hence need for keenness and sobriety to avoid regrets because of lost data.
  • Also, the Microsoft account will stop receiving emails or any kind of updates after you successfully delete. You will not be able to login to the account because it simply does not exist.

However, your ID will stay on the Windows server for the next 365 days after successful closure of the account. It is a gradual process but does not mean you can reverse the process.

How to delete Outlook account

  1. Sign in to your Outlook account.
  2. Go to the settings interface and choose security settings
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to “more security options.
  4. On the account details page, scroll down to “close account.
  5. A page will pop up with details on what you should expect in the process and after closing the account

Microsoft makes sure you are informed of the closing process and that you will lose data. If you were stranded on how to delete outlook account, follow the 5 steps above.